Sunday, October 17, 2010

Girls' Get-Away

it’s a tradition we started quite a few years ago.  i think we noticed that our conversations were slightly different when men and kids weren’t around and we wanted a way to nurture that  – to foster the female connection.   so we found an interesting place to go for an over-night.  well, it turned out to be so much fun that we try to do it every time i go to michigan – just my sister, sister-in-law and me. 

last year we changed things up a bit by inviting the guys along and meeting in the middle – in colorado!  that was a whole different experience, but seriously fun as well.  happily, we all get along and enjoy each other’s company, so even four solid days of snow did not deter our good time.

this year we decided to go to saugutuck.  it’s a quaint town with great shops and restaurants and – big bonus – on lake michigan! 

add those golden fall trees and crisp blue skies
 and you have the recipe for a gorgeous get-away!

and unlike the towns i referred to in “the down side” it seemed,
at least from our perspective, to be thriving.

(guess who??)
sometimes just a short time away can be a powerful experience
 (as long as you choose the right partners!!)
thanks, girls!!


  1. So important to connect with girlfriends..away from all else that calls at our attention. Looks like a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. What a wonderful get away to get together with women you love! There's not much that's better than this!

  3. Such a great way to keep in touch and stay 'close'. Your photographs are beautiful. It IS a stunning time of year isn't it!

  4. what a great idea! and your choice of place looks gorgeous.

  5. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend... looks a great place and fantastic weather! Thanks for sharing!


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