Friday, October 29, 2010

Input vs. Output

is yours in balance? i’m struggling with this a bit right now.  it can be a real creative conundrum.  like me, maybe you are drawn to all sorts of creative resources – gorgeous books, insightful blogs, inspirational retreats, fabulous workshops, engaging e-courses, tantalizing tutorials, etc. etc.  you probably get my drift because there is such a wealth of all of that out there, especially in the online community.

for me, the problem can become an overload of all of that wonderful input without an equal balance of creative output. i mean, isn’t that why we are exposing ourselves to all of these resources?? to pump up our creative output?? yet i think sometimes it becomes so easy to bask in all of this goodness at the expense of doing something with it.

it seems to take an extra internal push for me to leave the comfort of all of these good things behind and strike out on my own into new and uncharted territory. it’s so worth it when i do that, but still it takes discipline and forethought. sometimes i actually have to schedule time for it and then stick to my guns.

an additional challenge for me is that i don’t currently have an art space. remember my little open-air studio? i did love working out there and the pieces above were 2 of the little treasures that i created. but sadly, the structure was fairly termite-ridden and my husband (suddenly!) decided that it had to be dismantled. so i am back in bins.

the good news is that we are in the process of deciding how to upgrade the space and it looks like i will end up with a better, more permanent and weather-proof area to work in. in the meantime, i can still work on my photos, digital art, powerpoints and, when so-inspired, poetry! now i just have to get off my a__ and do it!!


  1. i'm sure your missing that outdoor studio, but in the long run, it sounds like it's for the best and you'll end up with an even better place!

    and yes, i sometimes READ about writing, or creating, and then have to make myself put down the book, and actually CREATE!!!

  2. Yes, it's an abundant world when it comes to creativity and like you, I'm interested in most of it. For myself, I have found it's allowing the stillness inside to assist my own creativity in coming to surface. I seem to need quiet times, sacred time, to allow my own ideas to percolate and finally bubble out in whatever fashion they choose. Allowing myself these meditative, empty times, helps the balance. When I don't practice this I find myself overloaded on both parts of the spectrum .. input and output. I also notice when I don't honour this need, the output gets stuck inside me and won't appear. Interesting subject, Patty. Perhaps your Hubby will pick up the pace on the output and you will have a new place to create before you know it. :o)

  3. PS: Just looked at your photos again. Such a beautiful place for a studio! Magnificent surroundings.

  4. I think it's a constant struggle..and one that has been made more apparent by all of the accessible eye-candy here on the web. Thanks for your insightful sharing..

  5. i hope you get your space back soon.

  6. I often feel that I'm taking more in than putting out - and it doesn't make me happy. Sometimes I don't allow myself to access the computer in the morning because usually that is my best time to be creative and get something done. It works, but not always.
    I hope for you that you'll soon get some creative space back.


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