Monday, June 27, 2011

Ode to Purple

purple, you are in your prime!
in full swing,
reaching your pinnacle,
reigning supreme,
the belle of the ball.



your moods are many,
from dark and brooding
to bold and dramatic,
royal, vibrant, exciting…
yet sometimes light and frivolous.

at times you favor a delicate pink,
other times you align yourself
with the blues…

to me you radiate passion,
whatever the mood
you never fail to move me
and touch my spirit

already i see you starting to fade,
losing some of your fabulous june luster,
i know you’re due for a break
but i know you will be back
dancing joyfully
in all your glory!

"i think it pisses god off 
if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere
and don't notice it".

alice walker


  1. What a pleasure for the eyes, and it also reminds me of something for the ears - Purple rain with Prince....

  2. this is one of my favorite posts, I love purple and you did purple proud,, beautiful

  3. How lovely .. you won't let us forget purple .. such beauty. The purple has gone from our hills already .. oh how beautiful it was. Such a grand variety of photographs, Patty. Thanks. xxDonna

  4. Such lovely photos - as always. I love the Alice Walker quote!

  5. It's so lovely that you remind us to stop and really soak up the purple part of our world...

  6. Mercy Me! Miss Patty! You've Done It Again! I Definitely Know I'll Never Look At The Color Purple The Same Again! And I Love What You Did With That One Spiral Shot! Like A Barrel Roll Just Daring Someone To Jump Into! Great Stuff! And I Loved The Quote From Alice Walker. Thanks For Lifting Me To A New And More Beautiful Place Tonight! Hugs Of Love & Sunshine Sweet Friend, Terri

  7. wow...that's a lot of different purple flowers!! i especially love that extreme close up photo!! just beautiful!!


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