Monday, June 13, 2011


Man, how this tree has grown!!

(yes, i chose this title in contrast to the last one - shrinking).  don’t you just love when you have a tiny little germ of an idea and you tell it to someone and they take it and make it grow and then bounce it back to you??  and you take it back and it grows some more and bounces some more and just keeps on growing??

kind of like a little fledgling seed that sprouts and eventually blooms into a full-fledged flower.  or a lowly caterpillar that eventually morphs into a gorgeous butterfly.  that’s kind of what happened when i shared my story last week about the life of my hospice patient and his shrinking world and my dear friend jane (who happens to create fabulous mail art!) picked up on it.  and then gloria chimed in.  and several friends i ran into this weekend jumped on board.

 i have a little groundwork to do, get permission, etc. but here is the general idea:  i will get the names and address of some residents who could use a little cheering up from the outside world – a postcard, note, card, small piece of art – hopefully something that is your original work.  i  know they would be so thrilled to receive something like this addressed directly to them and signed by you!

Jane's amazing mail art!

just let me know in a comment if you would like to participate.  ideally, i would like to get pictures of each resident so you can see who you are sending to.  i think we will start small and just send one item to one person and see how it goes. if we want to continue, rotate recipients, etc. that’s a possibility, but one step at a time....  i am open to any input!  if i do not have your email and it is not linked to your comment (that’s a setting that some have enabled and others not) please email me at

Small encouragement cards I will bring on Father's Day

 i’m super excited about this idea and its potential to combat shrinking worlds!!

Doodle art cards


  1. Patty, how FUN to see my Mail Art on your post! I love this idea, and I know for sure that mail makes people smile, so I'm looking forward to sending something handmade to one of your older friends. Count me in! (Isn't it lovely when a small bit of kindness is so easy?) xx jane

  2. Hi Patty ... I will commit to ONE piece of mail art at the moment. I'm getting way too much on my plate ... one I can handle. Let me know. Great idea, m'dear! xDonna

  3. Sweetest Patty..What A Lovely Lovely Lovely Idea With The "Mail Art". Your Post Here Immediately Moved Me And I Would Like To Participate. My Hands Stay Pretty Busy Both With Trying To Squeeze In Studio Time In Addition To Caring For My Mama..But My Heart Just Tells Me To Try And Bring Some Sunshine To Someone In This Hospice Program. I'm Not Sure For How Long Or What Quantity I Can Commit To, But For Now, Please Count Me In, Okay. Much Love & Sunshine Sweet Friend, Terri

  4. Hey, Patty. I can commit to one piece, for sure! Just let me know. :)

  5. Oh Patti, what a wonderful idea! I would like to participate. I love this!


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