Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mining for Gold

some lucky folks are born with their creative juices close to the surface of their being..... it’s all there, ready to bubble up and burst forth at the slightest provocation.

 others of us have to do a little digging. it’s in there all right, but it takes the mining tools of the creative life-style to locate it, retrieve it and expose it for the world to see.

 tools like journaling, disciplined brain-storming, reading poetry and other inspirational material, meditation, sharing with others and regular art-making.

are you one of the lucky ones or are you a miner??  
excuse me while i grab my pic and ax…..


  1. Ah, you make me smile, my dear Patty. You who can point a camera at a rock and make me swoon and gasp for air. You who can shoot a flower and allow the rest of us to see the Universe. You who can take a group on retreat and allow them to find parts of themselves they have never seen before. HMMmmm ... I don't think you need any tools ... You already have the gifts ... and they are shining very visibly on the surface. xxooDonna

  2. Huh. I feel like mine are always right there .. it took more effort to bury them than it does now to keep them bubbling. Which doesn't mean that it doesn't take digging to get particular ideas up and out, just the vein is always there at the surface. :)

    You seem that way too. Maybe the creative habits are more to refine the ore?

    p.s. These remind me of mines I saw on the hillside when I drove through Colorado years ago. They were so cool but I was too afraid of the windy cliff-y roads to stop and admire them.

  3. fantastic photos! and I think that even the ones who have it bubbling around the surface can benefit from a bit of digging too, don't you?

  4. oh patty! you find the most interesting places to photograph. i think i would being on a road trip with you, cameras at the ready!

  5. Wow! Those photographs are amazing!! So were the important and timely messages about our creative habits...lovely post!

  6. Patty-love these pics-in all their rusty goodness:) Gee-I think I am a bit of both! Sometimes it's all bubbling up and I just need time to paint but sometimes I have to go digging! The more I create, the more ideas I have though. Hope you enjoy the next few days-it was nice to chat this morning. xxx

  7. Love the tar colored walls against the blue sky and rust can be so beautiful. I think I am the digger most of the time and sometimes I got luck and find the gold or just the beautiful stone...


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