Friday, June 3, 2011


so last week i ranted a bit about some of the personal demons that were knocking on my door.  wow – i guess i really struck a chord!  so many heartfelt, thoughtful and compassionate comments.  the over-riding sentiment??  you have all been there – i am not alone!  

 just knowing this speaks directly to my heart and makes everything a whole lot better….  but i want to go one step further.  i reread all of the comments today and  pulled out some of the juicy tidbits of wisdom that were shared.  here are a few meaningful morsels, paraphrased just a bit:

  •  doing art is healing both for ourselves and others – it makes a difference.
  • facing, acknowledging and writing about our demons is therapeutic and can clear the way for new thoughts and insights.
  • the presence of our demons can be a good thing.  it proves that we are growing and pushing forward.  It helps us to clarify our goals and become stronger.
  • being kind to ourselves is of utmost importance and helps us counsel the “child within” from an adult perspective.
  • support is essential, as in surrounding ourselves with others who understand the struggle and will be there to bolster us up when necessary.
  • focusing on the present and living in a way that emphasizes love and kindness day to day is more important than lofty ideals.

 so there you have it friends: wisdom straight from YOU and shared so everyone can benefit.  i love it!  i want to wrap it up with a quote i saw today on andrea schroeder’s abcCreativity blog, which originated with SARK:

give your inner critic a new job to do!

sounds good to me!

Happy Weekend!!
Can't wait to see some of you tomorrow at Inner Gardening.  Yea!!!


  1. love it!!

    love all the wisdom out there...such great nuggets for us to digest!

    wishing you lots of fun on the gardening retreat tomorrow!!

    love love love

  2. here is what i love. i love that you just say it patty. you are embracing those demons, acknowledging that they exist and that is where the healing and life force resides. and because you put it out there. i get the lesson too.
    stephen covey would call that a win win.

    love you love you love you

  3. such an inspiration you are,,

  4. You are a beautiful soul, Patty Waite. Once again, it is showing. Thank you so much for the follow up - - to me, that's really taking the 'high road'. love, Donna

  5. Thanks dear Patty!
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom and the comments from so many wonderful women (don't know if there were any men). For me it's all about a kind of fight, a struggle to accept and love myself with all my weaknesses, and love myself even though I don't do the things I tell myself to do.
    I would have loved to be at the Inner Garden yesterday!

  6. Love how you've put together all of the most meaningful and inspirational 'morsels' for us to read. Good to know we're all in this together. And - I just love the Sark quote. I'll be thinking of what and where to put my inner critic to work!!!


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