Monday, September 19, 2011

Big Trees

I never tire of gaping up at the Big Trees,
Head tilted back, jaw dropping open
In a silent or audible “Wow”,
Eyes journeying up, up, higher up
The soldier-boy still, straight trunk
To where the gently swaying top
Lightly featherdusts the blue beyond.

These stately grandfathers seem
Genetically unrelated to
Their spindly younger relatives,
In a class by themselves,
Quiet gentle giants
Unfazed by generations of
The scurried comings and goings
Of awed admirers,
 In which club I claim for myself
Permanent membership.

For I hope I never lose the
Breathtaking thrill I experience
Each time I have the blessed opportunity
To raise my eyes heavenward
In pursuit of the top of a Big Tree

(Loeb State Park, OR and Redwoods National Park, CA 8/2011)


  1. I;m a member of the "look up" club,, these photos are amazing! Thanks for sharing,

  2. Woah!
    They are HUGE! They kind of remind me of one of New Zealands giant natives, the Kauri.

  3. Spectacular photographs, Patty. They are awe inspiring aren't they. Nature does bring me to my knees. xxDonna

  4. Loving your new blogspace!! And - what amazing trees!!!

  5. oh wow...beautiful a magical forest!!


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