Monday, September 12, 2011

Journal Pages

i have been having so much fun with my art journaling pages!  each one is different, anything goes, no judgment!!  i’m not one to follow rules exactly…. so i listen to the videos in my 21 secrets class and try to internalize what’s being taught.  then i head for the studio and, with all my paraphernalia (cluttered!) around me (papers, photos, altered photos, stamps, paints, etc, etc) i just kind of see where it goes.  i’m usually working on several things at once and don’t know until i start which ones will get another step added to them.

so far i’ve been totally ignoring those little voices wondering when i’m going to start doing some “real art”.  they tend to get a little louder and more persistent when i see the beautiful pieces that all my artist friends have been posting in facebook.  those same voices have the opinion that if i am not producing “real art” (as in canvases which are being hung on walls and offered for sale) then of course i am not a “real artist” either.  sigh.

 like i said, trying to ignore them for now (usually they hush up when i remind them that, after all, i’m taking a class so i’m just a student!!) and going with the intuitive approach.  believing that someday, when it feels right, i may move in another direction…

 thanks for visiting and for walking along side me on this journey – it makes all the difference!!


  1. Patty, your journal pages are just as fantastic as are your photographs. I'm so impressed!


  2. Funny,I was having a discussion with someone the other day. They believe art is hanging on walls and selling it. I believe, if you are creating something which came from your heart and soul, through you with your muse present, you are a Real Artist. How could it be any other way. Celebrate the artist within. You will hurt her feelings if you don't let her know how wonderful she is. xxDonna

  3. Dear Patty-I am so glad you are having such fun with art journaling. Isn't it addicting???Not to mention great therapy! + learning too. Don't worry about those voices; when they get too pesky, just remind them who's paying the bills:) Okay? Hey. I see that you are reading Creating is a Verb. Well, you are NOT going to believe that I am right in the middle of Life is a Verb (also by Patt Digh!!)
    Wed. sounds great. Sure, the salad sounds great + I can always make something too. Just let me know the time etc. also...what sort of art supplies are you interested? you can take a look at my stuff and play around to see what you like. I can certainly tell you my faves. Oh...Dick Blick catalogue + credit card = trouble!!! can't wait to see you! xxx

  4. p.S. Oh! probably should have written some of that in an -mail! Oh guess what? Pat H. won the print giveaway! Tara picked out the winner today. I have to conatct her but FB message system is down right now:(

  5. Isn't it amazing what we come up with when we let go of those inner voices and the critics and all of the rules?? What wonderful work!!!


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