Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Touching the Sacred.....

this is how it happens for me…..

last night i was home alone
i glanced up from my work
to see an amazing golden glow outside
i grabbed my camera
and stepped into the light

on one side of me
was a spectacular full-bow rainbow
(did i mention it hasn’t rained since april
and it never rains in september either??)

on my other side was
an incredible constantly-changing sunset
i literally did not know where to look

after taking my shots
i put on some native american music
grabbed a little glass on sauvignon blanc
and sat outside
under my dilapidated shade ramada

listening to rain and crickets
smelling the wet earth
and watching the evolving light
i stayed right there
until darkness fell
and beyond (i’ve missed the dark)

this is how it happens for me…..


  1. wow, what a moment! words dont do justice here!

  2. we had multiple rainbows here too on Sunday night!! your photos capturing both are just breathtaking!!

  3. are we not blessed to bear witness to such beauty. Thank you for sharing ... truly breath taking. hugs, Donna

  4. Yes!! I would have grabbed a glass of wine as well, Native American music is ALWAYS fine with me, and just watching this natural drama - priceless. Gorgeous photos!

  5. The rain and the rainbow both were magical. And they were a sign to me...your photos are gorgeous. jane

  6. WOW!! Lucky you to have had the opportunity to witness such exquisitely beautiful moments!!

  7. Oh! Oh! Oh! I wouldn't know where to look either.

  8. You reminded me that I have a Native American chant that I got from iTunes a while ago. I listen to it when I meditate or when I am in savasana after Shiva Nata practice. It makes me feel like I am connected to the earth. (It's Yeha-Noha by Sacred Spirit.)


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