Wednesday, April 11, 2012


after years of hearing about how changing your thoughts can change your life, your thoughts become your life, your thoughts are powerful, etc. etc. something hit me out of the blue yesterday.  early in the day i found my own thoughts spiraling in a not-so-positive direction…..

suddenly some seemingly random impulse catapulted into my brain, ordering me to STOP.  just stop.  the thought morphed into an idea.  what if, for just one day, i resolved to keep my thoughts on the positive, telling myself only stories that had wonderful, happy, successful outcomes, full of possibility?  what if??

i have had some practice with affirmations.  (yes, i even have a notebook!)  often, when i sit down to meditate, i first pick up my little notebook…. whatever i am feeling shaky about, i write the exact opposite as an affirmation.  like:

“i am confident”
“i am strong”
“i can inspire”
“i can create amazing art”

you get the idea…. i do think this is a helpful practice, but i wouldn’t say it has radically altered my life.  anyway, i was totally amazed that i actually remembered, during most of the day yesterday, to keep my thoughts in this vein. (maybe my practice is more powerful than i thought!)

 could be that it’s a total coincidence,  but i had an amazing day.  i felt for the first time in a long time that the scattered and far-flung pieces of my creative life might actually coalesce into something workable.  that all the hours of “random play” in my studio might actually be the basis for some “real art”. 

i’m feeling a somewhat strange sense of confidence.  a tiny shift may be turning into something bigger.  more than just the one-day experiment that i started with.  time will tell - for now, i'm goin with it!!

"i hold my thoughts steadfastly on the good"   universal mind meditation

oh, yea - it's raining


  1. They say, "mind over matter" and it certainly worked for you. Attitude is 99% of the battle.
    AND your photos are exquisite.

    Carolyn S

  2. I try to remember that your outlook can change if instead of stop, drop and roll when you're on fire, you stop, smile and live when you're in a negative spiral :). Love all your water drops!
    Stay inspired!

  3. i think consistency is the key...not always easy, so give yourself a huge pat on the back! hopefully you'll be on a wonderful roll and have uplifting positive days for a very long time!!

  4. I actually think that you already do "real art"!
    Those positive thoughts certainly can brighten your day and help you to BE more positive. I'm glad that it has worked for you and will further do so. Your photos are fantastic, Patty!


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