Sunday, April 15, 2012


i’ve been threatening to write a post about my friend jane and i think the time has come!  it will give me an excuse to show off her beautiful style of art.  jane is pretty amazing.  not only does she work 2 jobs, but she somehow manages to find the time to create a wellspring of unique and beautiful collages.  

they are small pieces, composed of papers, paint, words, wisdom and often her beautiful and very distinctive lettering.  she loves poetry and usually finds a way to include just the perfect line or two.

she also makes prayer flags and altered books.  each one different, each one lovely.

you may be thinking – wow, her work is so unusual and interesting -where does she sell it?  does she have an etsy shop?  and the answer would be no.  she does not sell her work – in fact, she gives it away!!  if jane is your friend, you are a lucky person….. because she is really into mail art and every time she sends you something in the mail, it is a personal piece of art! 

 jane is a school librarian (we met working at the same school) and every year she hosts her own little poetry café.  it’s such a fabulous event for all involved.  last year i wrote a post about it here.  i think every school should get on board and have one too!

well, i so wanted to share this with all of you and put this beautiful work out into the world where it belongs!!  i have really seen jane’s art evolve in the last few years.  i’m guessing maybe it won’t be free forever.....


  1. what a talented giving person, you are a good friend as well, thankyou so much for sharing this wonderful woman's talent with us

  2. Dear Patti-I am so glad you wrote a post about sweet + wonderful + amazing lady Jane!!! Yes...I have to agree...I just LOVE finding one of Jane's pieces in my mailbox...among all the bills + junk. It makes me stop, breathe + take in all the beauty in my life; a reminder of what it's all about. I, too, think that Jane should get her art out there. xxx

  3. I am one of the lucky "friends of Jane" that receives her beautiful and creative expressions of life. She is one talented woman that uses her art to reach out to others and love them. Thanks for sharing the amazing art of my sweet friend Jane!
    Charney Risner-Wilson

  4. Lovely post, Patty. I too have been lucky enough to receive some of Jane's beautiful work and I treasure them.

  5. Such beautiful and unique art - I especially love the fish. You are lucky to have a friend like her, Patty - and how sweet of you to show her art here and share it with us.

  6. Love, love, love all of this out pouring because like sweet Patty and all of you, I adore Jane and her art and, well, just everything about her. Thank you, Patty, for your wonderful blog!! You seem pretty wonderful, too!!

  7. Jane's uplifting art makes any day brighter!! It's wonderful to see her art in this inspiring blog!! Thanks!!

  8. Hi Patty,

    I'm a friend of Jane's and I simply admire her art. I have some favorite art blogs I follow and learned about yours from her. I love your blog and have enjoyed viewing your wonderful photographs. I'm now an "official" follower. I have a teaching blog and interviewed Jane about poetry. I'd love for you to see it. I posted a link to your site.

    First Grade Schoolhouse


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