Monday, April 30, 2012

Input vs. Output (Revisited)

input.  output.  balance….. back in October of 2010,  i wrote a post about creative input and output and the delicate line of balance between the two.  at the time i was feeling the need to nudge myself beyond all the fabulous input and start generating some output.

 well, as happens in the ebb and flow of the creative life, things have shifted and lately i have been living pretty much strictly in output mode.  ever since i found a way to start “marrying” my digitally textured photos with my mixed media backgrounds, it has been full steam ahead.  after 3 years of fiddling around in mixed media and art journaling, and trying about a gazillion ways to alter and use photos in unusual ways, it’s sooo satisfying to finally have a way to start producing some actual pieces of art that are uniquely mine!

so i haven’t felt the need for input.  in fact i haven’t done justice at all to the beyond layers class.  it’s not that it’s not a fabulous class with an amazing instructor…. i do get that.  it’s just that with all that i’m doing, i don’t feel the need for it right now.  strange.  fortunately it runs for the whole year so i will be able to dip in later as things evolve.

i've been busy as you can see it’s been a really fun roll…. with my time divided between the computer and the studio – perfect!  and i’m sure that soon the tides will start shifting again and i will be ready to handle some new input.  there sure is a wealth of it out there!

(all of these are small - 6" x 6"- pieces except the first 2) 


  1. Wonderful output! Keep going with it, when more input is required you'll know :).
    Stay inspired!

  2. wow, beautiful beautiful!

  3. looks great and it sounds like you're having a blast creating!!

  4. they're lovely! keep 'em coming :)

  5. Dear Patty...I LOVE these pieces!!! I can totally tell they are yours...they have your mark all over them. Yes...I totally's difficult to find a balance (is there such a thing anyway???) between inspiration and creating. Oh...and i use pixelomatic to tweak my's awesome beyond belief!!! Will be sending you an e-mail soon. xxx

  6. Wow! These are wonderful! Loving them all! :)
    And so glad your fur child is well. :)

  7. Patty, these are gorgeous, I love your "output" very much.
    I'm in Beyond Layers as well and pretty much in the same place as you are - there's just too much going on at the moment (especially with the upcoming move at the end of the month) to focus on the class. I love it though - and I also hope that during the year I can catch up.
    Your art is amazing!!

  8. Oooooooohhhhhhhh! You have been busy! I am loving all of them. I am especially drawn to that first piece. It's like it all fits together so well that I cannot tell where the photo is exactly.

    I am still sorting through all my input. I feel like I don't know where to start with it, so I am trusting that at some point, it will all make sense and new things will emerge. For now, I am quieter and am letting things simmer. (Possibly it helps that I don't have my camera, since there is more time for simmering. ;)


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