Monday, April 23, 2012

Elephant Love

ok, it's another post that doesn't require a lot of words.....
just so happens that the same day i saw the butterflies, i happened to witness this lovely duo.  mamma love at its finest!

from the tiny to the humongous..... isn't life diverse and wonderful!!

oh - and some amazing plant life too (love safari park!)

enjoy - some things are brewin' that may require just a few more words next time....

see you then and thanks for stopping!!!!


  1. Words are not necessary when you have such wonderful and cute photos.

  2. i agree with ella!
    and there is simply something sacred about the elephant.
    i could gaze at their pictures and read about them always.
    the way they show love and family feeling. very special.
    which makes you wonder why the foolish, rich king carlos of
    spain thought he needed to go shoot one for fun the other day.
    yes. still going on by supposedly educated people.

  3. The elephant photos are fabulous! Very tender and beautiful. I completely agree with tammy j!


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