Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Benefits of Bad Weather

it rains in oregon.  a lot.  some people hate that.  others say they love it.  traveling in a small motorhome in relentless rain can be a challenge.  especially with a dog.  it can be cold.  things get wet.  and dirty.  and it's very hard to get them dry and clean.

we ended up changing our plans based on weather predictions and during the first part of the trip, it was a little frustrating.  we decided to just go with it, though, stay in the moment and make the best of it.  so now i'm looking back and thinking about the up side of all that rain.

there's the obvious one - the crisp, cool, clean air and the fabulous shades of GREEN everywhere...

oh - and it can get you to do things you normally wouldn't do - like playing games!

but, to me, the BEST benefit is the photographic yumminess of those constantly changing skies.  i never get tired of that!!


  1. you have a great attitude...cuz you can't fight the weather!! Plus the atmosphere for photo taking is wonderful!! Your photos are beautiful!

  2. It is a challenge to take good pictures in such weather conditions, but yours are fabulous (I didn't expect anything else). I love to take rain photos as well, they can have so much mood and atmosphere.

  3. You make wet weather living look lovely!

    Mind you, I can't smell the wet dog from here.....;)


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