Thursday, July 12, 2012

On Re-entering the Home-o-sphere

One of so many fabulous Oregon coast bridges

know how when you travel you reach a certain point and you feel done and ready to return home?  i have had that feeling many times, but this was not that trip.  this one was hard to let go of....

Moss growing everywhere!

Coquille River lighthouse

we have the motorhome thing pretty much down to a science.  and when things go well, as they did (with the exception of some relentless rain and a scary freeway blow-out), and there are brand new wonders to discover every single day….. well, it can be hard to jump out of that mode and back into the daily routine of home.

Sunrise on the dunes..... oh, what an experience!!


Florence harbor

but although i do love travel, i’m realizing that it is an interruption from my regular creative life.  that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but i’m seeing a familiar pattern.   

 before we leave i pack all kinds of books and magazines and notebooks related to projects i am involved in.  i’m excited about having time to devote to these things.  i may look at them the first day on the road…. and then everything just goes right out the window.  i get involved in the trip and i have no further interest in any of it.  


Lake Dorena

Endless beaches!

so…. in that way, i’m pleased to be home.  i want to dig back into my projects…. carve out some alone time for reflection and reconnect with my creative goals (not to mention my creative friends – hope to catch up with you soon!!)
i'm so grateful for every little thing about this trip and for a safe return after 2,500 miles on the road!

I love seeing dogs on the beach in Oregon (not allowed in CA!)

Bandon sea stacks

Ocean sunset


  1. i think because i don't travel as much as you that i always have that feeling of not wanting to come back home and getting back into routine. but it's interesting to hear how after your first day all your creative projects take a back seat...i can relate to that!!

    Your photographs are gorgeous!!

    1. Thanks, Kathryn! I'm starting to get a clue about this - I'm always surprised that it happens, but I guess it's the nature of vacations!

  2. wow! beautiful photos of beautiful places! welcome home! glad that you had a wonderful holiday. bring on the creativity! :)

  3. dear patty-you're back from your trip!!! Oh!! I hope you are both refreshed and inspired by your time away. I just loved looking at your pics...I miss the beautiful.
    thanks so much for your very supportive message on my last blog post. Happy weekend and hopefully we can chat soon:) xxx

    1. Thanks, my friend. The inspiration has to sort of seep in slowly... between "to-do" lists and loads of laundry!

  4. welcome home!
    your trip just sounds and looks magical.
    thank you for all the beautiful pictures!

    1. Thanks, Tammy - my pleasure. It's so wonderful to have a little "audience"!

  5. Hi Patty, I'm sure you have an abundance of photographs to share with us from your trip. The ones above are marvelous. Happy you arrived savely back home.

    1. Thank you Carolyn! Yes, many photos to wade through... All the regular ones and now also all the ones on my phone! Taking it sloooowly....

  6. I ADORE the photo with the jumping dog - how wonderful!
    I know what you mean when saying that usually there is a point when you feel your trip is coming to an end. I experienced that many times - I'm so full of inspiration that I want to start creating and get things done. I take projects with me as well, and only seldom get they done a little bit.

  7. The first and last pictures!!! Also the others, but those!!! Ok. I really need to head south. Someday. I'm so glad you had fun, even with the rain. :)


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