Friday, July 20, 2012


in the cool of an open-windowed morning
steam curls from my tea
dancing vapor masterpiece
i sit
open to a day
pregnant with potential
 and possibility
the train on its lonely mission
the moan of a machine
in service to its master
the birds
the birds
always and forever
the relentlessly optimistic birds
today i wish
i could speak their language

i feel like i have way too many balls in the air right now - the consequence of course of being gone so long.  in this frame of mind it's especially important to take a few moments to sit.  reflect.  write.  and dream.  sending love your way!!

(iphone photos previously posted on instagram)


  1. wonderful photos and poem!!

    Easy to get overwhelmed...hope you find a few moments to breath deeply!!

  2. So beautiful! Recognize the feeling of too many balls...but I've also tried to have "some" reflecting moments during this holiday.

  3. I can see why you love instagram. Your shots are amazing, Patty - I so enjoy seeing them.

  4. What wonderful photos! Love what you've done here in instagram. And - your poetic words - so inspiring!


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