Friday, October 5, 2012

Owning my Age

it’s not hard to look around and realize, that, yes, october has arrived.  i have very mixed feelings about that…. i mean, i love fall – the color, the crispness, the coziness.  (thank goodness, as of today, our seemingly endless summer heatwave has ended!)

 but october is also the month of my birth.  exciting, right?  wait a minute – not so fast.  i have been dreading this one in a big way.  and wondering if i should even say anything at all.  why?? because the fact is, i know the majority of my readers are younger than me and i guess at some level i feel that if you realize how much older i am, it will alienate you somehow (she’s HOW old??  omg, she’s older than my mother!)

 irrational?  probably.  silly??  absolutely.  but i want to be as honest as possible and so i’m just exploring this myself.  here’s another ridiculously irrational thought:  if they know how old i am, they will expect more from me.  they will expect me to be very wise and mature and then be disappointed when i’m not…. (yikes!)

 and then there’s the fact that i can fool some folks.  i’m not overweight and blonde hair hides the gray pretty well – if you don’t look too close, i may fool you for a while, but so what (it’s not like that’s going to add any more years to my life…) would you be more likely to be my friend if i were turning 50?? (i doubt it)

i realize the reality is i’m not giving you guys nearly enough credit.  those of you that i know, i also know to be beyond this kind of thinking….so i’m jumping in headfirst, owning this thing and determined to put a positive spin on it….. i’m turning 60 this month!  there.  the cat is out of the bag!

i will be taking another break this week - we are traveling again – this time a family reunion.  it’s a branch of my hubby’s family that neither of us know…. should be interesting!  hope to catch you soon....


  1. happy early birthday Patty!! it's easy to say it's just a number...but as that number increases it's hard, i know! but there are a lot of great things that come with age such as not giving a rats ass what anyone thinks anymore, speaking your mind, speaking up for yourself, and an inner beauty that you don't have when you're younger and haven't lived much life. i know it's constant acceptance of our outer shell tho. what do they say...aging is not for sissies!!! so true!!

  2. Big hugs and congrats whenever that day comes! I love to have you as my close blog friend whatever age you have, and in my opinion, I think you are very wise and mature when you have the courage do do so many things with your life and show parts of it with your readers and friends.

    By the way, you're much younger than my mother....

  3. I tried to leave a comment but it seems that some unknown power just ate it up. So I'm trying again, and if it's there twice please feel free to delete it!

    Patty, I'm sorry to disappoint you - but you are by far not my oldest friend and blogging buddy.
    Have a wonderful birthday - I like you, your thoughts and your site just the way they are. I don't care how old you are.
    You are actually an inspiration. There.

  4. Happy happy birthday Patty!! I'm not too far behind you. Hope you're happily celebrating SIXTY!!!

  5. Happy Birthday dear Patty! A milestone birthday - hope you celebrate with gusto. I'm a little ahead of you, which is sometimes shocking and even a little alarming ... so much better than the alternative though. Enjoy your travels. Loved the photographs today. hugs, Donna

  6. happy belated birthday patty! i love having blog friends of all ages, i love reading the different perspectives one has to offer, and of course the photos are attractions too ;)

    no matter what you think or others think of yourself, you are loved beyond what you can imagine and that's all that matters :)

    sending you lots of love!


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