Saturday, October 20, 2012


Cambria sunset

i've always wanted to see what’s around the next bend.  call it curiosity, inquisitiveness or wanderlust, it has spurred me forward on many a hike and prompted countless wild goose chases as well as extraordinary discoveries in the motorhome or in the car. 

Santa Cruz

Big Sur

as a child i was always exploring the open fiends in back of our house and this tendency has persisted.  i’m a total map freak – i adore studying maps to find points of interest, then scoping them out in person.

Cement ship in Aptos

Aptos morning

 both the recent class reunion and family reunion were in areas we had been before, but we used both trips as catalysts to explore new territories before and after the events.

A whole bunch of Waites!

 i strongly feel that once you have been in a place, it sneaks in under your skin and becomes a little part of you.  i’m so grateful to be carrying these pieces around with me.

Big Sur

Elephant seal love - Piedras Blancas

sometimes when i can’t sleep they pop up to the surface and i get to go there all over again!

Fireworks in Aptos


  1. You have been lead to some wonderful places, Patty. The photographs you have taken are magical. Such incredible memories. The fireworks in Aptos photo is breath taking. One of my favorite things. hugs, Donna

  2. Oh, I get so impressed, once again! I have so little of traveling in my life right now but I'm glad that I can travel with you,

  3. Your photos are always so beautiful. Yes, the water at Big Sur indeed has this incredible color.
    I can fully understand your wanderlust, I have it, too, although we cannot fully live it at the moment (school, school, school). But we are pretty much like you, love to look at the map and find some beautiful spots to visit. Ah yes, soon again, I hope.

  4. Oh! Patty! That Cambria sunset photo! The light and the wild and the water!

  5. oh my gosh I'm so glad I found you again,my blog and accounts were hacked and I had to start over again, I have a new blog and I'm starting from scratch, I have missed your wonderful posts so much!


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