Monday, October 1, 2012

Not Enough Time...

is it just me??  i seem to be always fighting that feeling that i do not have enough time and that there are NEVER enough hours in the day…  this may come as a surprise to some who know me and it baffles me too because when i was working full-time, i used to long for the days when i wouldn’t have to go to work… and it seemed there would just be endless buckets of time stretched out before me and i would be able to do everything i wanted to do and more.

 perhaps it’s partly because of all the traveling lately – we are heading north again later this week for a family reunion and other things (fun, but not the best timing).

a few of the things occupying my (limited) time these days:

several friends and family members are dealing with difficult issues – serious health problems and death.  no, this is not going to get easier.  i'm well aware that as we age, we will be called upon to deal more and more with these life situations.. it’s hard to know how to be helpful, but i want to learn how to be better at it…..

after coming so close to giving up entirely, i was finally able to launch my “creativity unleashed” workshops!.  i am beyond thrilled that this has happened and i adore the group of women that have come and made this possible.  a lot of planning goes into this, but i love every minute of it!

i am trying to create some new art.  the relentless heat is not helping… no a/c in the studio and it’s basically impossible to work in there in the afternoon.  so it’s slow going.

new piece - "Fences"

so the days are full (yes, that’s a GOOD thing!) and time is marching right along… i’m trying to stay aware and remember the reminder in my last post…. as well as the mood depicted in these pics…. (deep breath....)

p.s. i know there have been some problems with leaving comments.  i have no idea why but let me know if this continues and i’ll try to research it.  you can always email me at patty@nomadicnotebook(dotcom)

 (pics taken at bucks lake, plumas national forest, northern ca)


  1. I feel the same way, Patty! I run out of time for what I want to do (and what I have to do!) every day! I try to appreciate that...our lives are full of wonderful pursuits....jane

  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and I'm glad that your workshop worked out.


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