Thursday, March 21, 2013

Art from just about Anything (Slab City part 1)

Salvation Mountain - the passion and life project of Leonard Knight

 the creative spirit is an amazing thing.  resilient.  unstoppable.  i’m not going to share the details about slab city itself.  you can google that if you’re interested.  my focus here is how you can put people out in the middle of the desert with hardly any belongings and – voila – creativity springs forth!  in a big way!

Entrance to the cave and all kinds of rooms

30 years and 100,000 gallons of donated paint
Sadly, Leonard is now in a nursing home with dementia.  Volunteers maintain the site.

 we had been here once years ago.  i think we just took a look at salvation mountain (which was much smaller then) and moved on.   we missed the very best part of all – the east jesus (no idea where the name comes from!) sculpture garden.  so much there that i’m saving that for the next post. 

The church of broken toys - so amazing! 
it all left me with a very strong urge to start going through the trash to see what i could recover and turn into something else!!

Like I said.... from just about anything!


  1. i've been wanting to take my daughters there ever since i saw the movie Into The make a very stirring visual case to go very soon!!

  2. All that inspiration. You must be on fire! Places like that send me into a complete spin. Thanks for the photos ... makes me think 'ain't life grand'. Do you think you might go a little wild and do something crazy? xodonna

  3. I haven't heard about it before, but now I've read some and I think it's very interesting. It must have been wonderful to be there and take a lot of photos there.

  4. Oh my goodness; what a lot of junk turned into an amusement center. Great photos, Patty.


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