Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Basics

i’ve become kind of a quote nut in the last few years.  it seems wherever i turn there is some awesome piece of wisdom said just so perfectly that i want to mark it or highlight it or sticky note it or save it in some way.  and i often wonder: why didn’t i think of that??

 i worked with my girls this week on quotes in their art journals and they all had some that were meaningful to them to work with.  what speaks to one doesn’t necessarily speak to another so it’s a highly personal thing.  but we talked about how powerful  latching onto just a few words that have impact can be. 

 so i’ve been thinking about the ones that resonate with me and wondering if there is some common ground.  do i tend to gravitate toward the same ideas in just slightly different ways?   what ideas or concepts draw me in and prompt me to want to incorporate them into my daily life? 

 well… if i had to pick just 3…these are the ones that are my beacons… the lights that illuminate my way through the twists and turns of the creative life (not to mention life in general).


of course, there are many others… what about peace, love and joy?? or inspiration?  or courage?? or acceptance?? i could go on, but there is a lot of overlap and i feel that, at this particular time in my life, these 3 cover enough ground to keep me moving forward in a positive direction.  the basics.  simple.  what about you??

speaking of amazement, the light at the salton sea is something that amazes me no matter how many times i see it.  enjoy and have a wonderful easter!!



  1. such beautiful tranquil moments you captured, each one in itself a masterpiece. I like the sound of the journal work, I think I find quotes mean more to me now in my fifties because I have lived long enough to gather them and they have stuck, for what ever reason or meaning,

  2. I think right now, what I'm feeling at this moment is Gratitude. And of course my word of the year still stands - Courage. I'm about to wonder into a new amazing city and right now just about to leave the house to find my way to visit my cat at the quarantine centre. Wish me luck!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful area, the Salton Sea. It must allow you time you ponder life. Important words for me this year? As you know - Allow is my word for the year. Acceptance is a good one for me and also surrender. Surrender, Accept and try and Relax and Allow. That's sort of where I am this year. Sounds easy - but guess what .... NOT! ha ha. Love your photos. hugs, Donna


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