Monday, March 4, 2013

Pieces of Life

march is here, friends – an appropriate name for the way time seems to spin endlessly along without any access to a pause button…

 a lot has been going on both “on the outside” and “on the inside”.  as far as the “inside” stuff, i have been struggling to let go of some things.  some ideas and expectations.  some hopes and dreams.   regrouping and trying to keep moving forward, hoping that new approaches and perspectives will present themselves to me. 

 “on the outside”, we are planning our annual trek to the salton sea later this week.  something about that strange and ethereal place keeps drawing us back…

 our kitchen remodel is done except for a few details.  soooo happy with the results.

 spending a lot of time in the studio making new pieces.  thinking i should probably move on and try some new stuff, but still loving doing these little pieces, adding quotes, etc. 

 i’m so enjoying working with my girls on the inside out project.  it’s very challenging coming up with just the right activities each week but so far i feel up to the challenge and am finding that the girls are open, receptive and excited about working in their journals. 

 it’s been 3 and a half years since my first art retreat on the Oregon coast and i’ve decided to attend another one.  this one will take me out of my comfort zone as the focus will be on sketching and water color – 2 areas of art that i have not pursued and am somewhat intimidated by…. really looking forward to this!

 well, life moves on and i’m grateful for each day that i am healthy and free to pursue that which is calling to me.  thank you for visiting and supporting me in the ups and downs of this creative journey we are all on together!!


  1. Wow too have been busy. Luv the new kitchen remodel looks so open and fresh. Glad you're still traveling and makes visiting your page so I seem to live vicariously through the lens of your camera.xoTerri

  2. The Kitchen --- OOoooo! Absolutely and so welcoming. I'll be right over. I too am trying to get a new grip and move forward with my life in different ways. Not easy - but then it must be part of our journey, right? Your retreat sounds wonderful. I'm sure we will see some of the results. Can't wait. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photographs. hugs, Donna

  3. Keep moving forward - yes, that will be my words this week. I can understand that you're very pleased with your new kitchen.

  4. how awesome to challenge yourself with some new art forms...sounds like a blast!!

    your photos are amazing as always!!! and your kitchen looks wonderful!!

  5. Patty - there is a lot in this post. First, your art work is beutiful and very inspiring. I love how you combine photography and painting (that is what I call mixed media), something I have been doing for some time now, but I still feel I haven't completely found my "style". It is something I really like, though, so I will go on. Second, your work with "the girls" must be truly rewarding, and I am so happy for you that this project became a reality for you. Third, I do understand of the difficulty to let go - I struggle with that as well (not always, it depends of course) and sometimes it can take a long time and be quite painful as well.
    Last but not least, your photography, as always, is amazing. Have a wonderful time at the Salton Sea - I really want to go there one day as well (we had been, but only very short).


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