Wednesday, April 10, 2013


this week is all about getting ready for my workshop on saturday at the lavender farm..  when i first started planning, it all seemed soooo far in the future and now – voila – the time has come!  i’m printing lots of info, putting folders together and planning the details of the agenda.

 also making some small lavender-based mixed media pieces to offer for sale.  and cards. 

 oh, and i baked some yummy coconut banana bread with lemon glaze for my guests. 

 lots of other details – hoping i get them all done in time!

i’m beyond excited that this is actually happening.  i came very close to pulling the plug….  while i have some lovely participants signed up for the class, it’s not enough to actually “pay the rent” for the space.  i’ve been pretty stressed about this and figured it was a done deal.  not going to happen.

but i so hated to give up something i have dreamt of and planned for for so long… so last week i had a little heart-to-heart talking to with myself.  do i want to teach the class?  absolutely!  is it a good class?  i'm confident of that.  will i still be able to put food on the table if it doesn’t turn out to be a “money maker”?  yea, i guess so.  are there people signed up who want to attend?  yes again.  will i benefit from the experience?  no doubt in my mind

 so, i dropped my initial expectations and moved full-steam ahead.  the fact is that i love teaching and always learn right along with the students.  perfect weather predicted and i know it’s going to be a fabulous day!! 


  1. What fun - wish I could come. And good for you - rock on and do what you love. I think it leads us places - and you never know where it will end up. Good luck - you have wonderful product and the cake looks - well -- send me a piece! xoDonna

  2. I'm so glad for the participants that you didn't call it of! I've written this before, so you know that I would have loved to be there with you all and yea, that cake would have been just perfect!

  3. Dear Patty: I am so glad you are going ahead with your workshop-I know how much it means to you. I also have no doubt that it will open doors.Both for you and your students. If I were there I would SO take it!!! Lavender farm, photography and coconut/banana cake???
    P.S. Tara and I have been collecting all sorts of recycled items. did you know that a cardboard tea box is just perfect to turn into a circus car???
    xxx Big hugs for you big day on Sat.!!!

  4. OOOPS!!! I was thinking next Sat.!!! Did it happen yesterday??? Can't wait to hear about it:)

  5. Hello patty,
    Hope your workshop went well-good on you for convincing yourself to go ahead with it. Your artwork looks beautiful. I just stopped by because I just received my first liberate your postcard mail &it was from you. A beautiful sea shell, such gorgeous colours- I love it. Thank you.

  6. Love your mixed media favourite medium.


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