Friday, May 31, 2013

The Morning Speaks to Me

i have always been a morning person.  i’m awake (way too!) early, up, out the door walking, taking pics, doing my instagram, making our power drink, starting chores, cleaning, checking lists, etc. etc. …

but lately, i have a new practice that i love.  it stops all of that for a few moments.  i make a cup of tea and sit where i can look out the window.  it’s usually open, so a cool ocean breeze comes in and the birds are always singing away.  

 it’s hard to stop my mind from the chatter that’s already going on, but i wait until that happens.  i let the morning speak to me.  it may sound odd, but that’s my goal.  i have my notebook ready and once i have let everything inside quiet down…. words come to me.  words of possibility. words of insight.  words of inspiration. 

 i have pages and pages now, mostly they are random phrases, sometimes they turn into something that i will follow up on, but they are fun to go back and read.  because they represent space. space in my day. space in my head. 

 and funny thing, at the end of the day, when i look back on it…. those are some of the most precious moments.  the morning does speak to me. 


  1. the flowers speak to you too...they are gorgeous!!

    i am up early too but would never consider myself a morning person...i start really slowly, but like you having my coffee and journaling is an awesome way to start the day!! just wish i had an ocean breeze!!

  2. I'm also a morning person, I usually have my cup of tea and the newspaper, and than jump on my bike to get to work. But I'm looking forward to the holiday (two weeks away!)

  3. Patty your photography is so inspiring. It brightens my day every time I get a glimpse of it!

  4. Pictures and words. That's who you are Patty Waite. They express you so well. Just about time for a self published book. (and don't tell me it has not entered your head!) It would be fabulous! xodonna


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