Wednesday, May 1, 2013


that’s the word that came to me in thinking about my life lately.  it’s all good though.  it’s a happy whirlwind!  i have lots of thoughts and things to share, but i want to start with a little overview of the last few days.

 veeery early on thursday i flew up to portland, rented a car and drove out to the coast to a cute little beach cottage i had rented (vrbo, of course!) totally retro and right on the estuary (and just a wee bit chilly inside!) 

 friday was the beginning of the you, me and the sea retreat with the amazing alisa burke.  it was held in her fabulously colorful studio and there were 14 other eager women ready to create and connect.  happy times! 

the creative focus was mainly sketching and watercolor – totally not my thing, but i wanted to stretch myself… and sketch and stretch i did!   i was also looking for some new ideas for teaching the girls in my inside-out journal class – bingo!!  we spent a whole afternoon sketching on the beach – so totally relaxing and fun.

some of my little creations

 the watercolor techniques were absolutely a blast!  i found that i love doing this – so easy and fun!!  the other women were incredible artists (a few years ago this would have totally intimidated me, but i have learned a lot and was instead inspired by their work!) 

the other Patty and her new blue nails

 we also did some beach-combing, made some cool crafty beachy stuff and ended up with a bucket full of goodies – both art supplies and beachy souvenirs. 

 after our sad good-byes (and promises to keep in touch) i hit the road, but ended my trip on a happy note with a visit and hike with my sweet friend elizabeth halt and the opportunity to finally meet her faithful companion, atlas!

 ok, i think that’s enough for today….. all in good time.  thanks for visiting!!


  1. what fun!!! i have a few art pieces by Alisa Burke, so i can only imagine what a blast you must have had!! she is so creative!

    *love that first!!*

  2. I saw the photos that Alisa posted on her blog and i saw you in them, but i wasn't really sure. I had read about the retreat and your telling me you're going to Portland, i made a wild guess maybe you went to the retreat, and there you are! How wonderful! So fun! Wow! Your paintings are amazing! I hope we'll get to see more. And I'm glad you brought back tons of inspiration for your Inside Out project. Yay Patty!

  3. What a wonderful time, Patty. You must have come home a new woman, inspired and renewed. Looks like soooo much fun. Love all the photographs, and everything you did (which was a lot) during the retreat. Are you going to do some sketching now that you are home? Take care. Hugs, Donna

  4. I enjoyed this post so so so much, the images the story of your retreat, what an amazing time!This would be so much fun, I would love to do soemthing like this!

  5. How lucky you are to participate in Alisa Burke's art retreat - that must have been a real treat indeed! Great photos, and I love your watercolor sketches.

  6. Wonderful Patty! New inspiration is always so exciting. I'd love to hear more about it over lunch sometime soon. And the Oregon coast shots brought back lovely memories of my trip up there a few years ago. So glad you enjoyed it !


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