Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I Don't Need.....

i don’t need more
etc. blah, blah, blah

in order to be happy.

i was thinking about this and had literally just written it out…… when i read the june 23 passage from the book of awakening by mark nepo (obviously i don’t stick to the dates!)

“All that is extraordinary in life opens only when we devote ourselves to giving attention, not getting it. The longer we try to get attention instead of giving it, the deeper our unhappiness.  Instead of looking for what is clear and true, we learn to covet what is great and powerful.”

 “fame or peace, be a celebrity or celebrate being, work all our days to be seen or devote ourselves to seeing, build our identity on the attention we can get or find our place in the beauty of things by the attention we can give.”

.i’m not there yet…. but it seems we are on the same page….

as often happens when i am thinking about something, it ends up translating into a journal page (in this case utilizing techniques i learned at the you, me and the sea retreat) and into a lesson for my inside out girls. i told them how sometimes when i'm in a store i just look around and think about all the things i DON'T need.  they took it from there....

 love when that happens!

(looking at the photos on this page, you can get a clue about what i actually DO need!)


  1. i am SO right there with you! not sure if it's age or where i am in life...just the simple things in life make me the happiest, like being in nature, playing with my animals and creating art..that's what i crave...not another pair of shoes or another piece of jewelry, etc...you understand!!!

  2. Totally agree. Give me my studio and I'm so HAPPY! It certainly is not about earthly goods anymore. Beautiful photos Patty. hugs, Donna

  3. Patty, wonderful photos and I couldn't agree more! I hope you are doing well, it sure sounds and looks like it!

  4. Your words was exactly what I needed to hear, and the book seems very interesting, I think I will buy it and also get a challenge for my learning- more- English. (Haven't found it in Swedish).

  5. Your photos in this post are breathtaking, Patty.
    And for the "rest" - I totally agree!


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