Saturday, May 18, 2013

Get that Dream off the Shelf!

"there is very little you can do with a dream that is sitting on a shelf collecting dust.”

andrea shroeder


remember that long-awaited contemplative photography class at the lavender farm that i almost ended up cancelling?  well, something cool and totally unexpected has happened.  the participants started a group.  it now has its own facebook page and is growing! 


we have already had one official field trip to alta vista gardens and several more are planned.  honestly, i’m totally blown away by the whole thing!!


so close…. so close to sitting on that shelf collecting dust.  so happy i did not allow that to happen.  that in that moment of decision i decided to step up and show up and trust the process….  because you just never know, you know?

thanks, Julia!

(currently working on plans for the next class!)



  1. Patty: I am so glad you did that workshop as well:) that doors are opening up and new paths and opportunities are showing themselves in your life. And i love the title of your post too:) Made me smile!
    P.S. Totally digging your previous post also...and 100% agree. I'm letting go of a lot of things as well...and just being present. It's the greatest gift I can give myself + the world:)

  2. Also...beautiful pics too! I miss CA sometimes:)

  3. Although I missed the first outing, I saw the pictures posted and knew that I wanted to be a part of this!
    Sometimes wandering around alone with your camera is a great thing, but I want to rub elbows with other like minded people who have a camera's eye when looking at life and nature!
    I am looking forward to our next outing. Thank you for listening to your heart and showing up! We too are blessed!~m

  4. You are a very talented woman! Love the pictures, so colorful, and the words you pick are just the perfect thing to add. Look forward to meeting this group.

  5. I am always looking for interesting photography classes. It give me a fresh view. Very nice photos!

  6. I love to see things take off like that. 'bravo! Love the pics, as always. xodonna

  7. Patty, I am so glad that you did this class! I love the expression "Contemplative photography". Have you ever thought doing like this as an online class? I would be the first to sign up!


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