Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wilder Side

if you’ve been around for a while, you probably already know this about me…..

although i love many things about where i live, part of me has always craved the wilder side…. the place where i can be close to nature all the time. 


 not sure where this comes from – i seem to be the only one in my family with this obsession.  but it goes back to childhood and is, no doubt, with me for life. 

so when we travel, it tends to be a move in that direction.  i’m not a city girl.  you can have your lights and noise and excitement.  parties, shows and congestion.  

 give me the wide open spaces.  the forest floor.  the lapping water or raging river.   the towering peaks.  the sun on my back.  a camera and a notebook…  i’m a happy girl. 

 looking forward to the wild places we will encounter in the next few weeks.  i will be out of touch for a bit…. but i will be back! 


  1. gorgeous photographs Patty!! i like wide open spaces too!!

  2. I love how your photos have turned from classic to wild over the past little while...using apps & such to distort them. fun stuff! :) hope you are having a great summer Patty!

  3. the fifth from the bottom looks like an Emily Carr painting. LOVE it! But then love all your photos. Absolutely amazing - enjoy your trip. hugs, Donna


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