Friday, November 29, 2013

3 Part Thanksgiving

yesterday was broken up into 3 distinct parts.  the first i was able to spend my myself (with my sweet companion, of course). i haven’t had a lot of down time, with all the hospital frenzy, so it was lovely to have a bit of time to think, write in my journal, reflect on the many wonderful blessings in my life and even do a little bit of art.  there was also time for a lovely, long walk at the park with my girl.

the middle of the day was my hospital visit.  at this point, it’s a much more upbeat experience than just a week ago.  stu said the turkey dinner was the best hospital meal so far and, with the great progress he is currently making, the talk now is all about moving forward and the possibility of going home soon.  he is doing 3 hours of therapy a day and has a wonderful, positive attitude about the whole experience.  it’s impossible to visit a hospital and not come away extremely grateful for every strength and ability that we take for granted on a daily basis.  it has all been a bit of a crash course for me, since neither of us has ever spent the night in a hospital.  learning…

Day 10 and counting...
Happy Thanksgiving hospital style

progress - re-learning to walk


the latter part of the day was spent feasting with friends.  i’m so very, very grateful to have wonderful friends who put such variety and love into the dishes they create, not to mention deliciousness!  it was an amazing feast and just what i needed after spending the last few weeks immersed in conversations about medical issues.

Pomegranate martini

My nametag in English, Farsi and Greek

Toasting with pomegranate champagne

Our generous hosts, Abbas and Mary

Mary explaining the latest additions to her incredible mosaic wall

Center of the labyrinth

all in all, a perfect mix of a day.  i’m a grateful girl.


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  1. I'm SO happy that things have turned around and both of you are feeling better in your own ways!! I wish Stu a speedy recovery! And you're soo right about gratitude being the key!!


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