Saturday, November 23, 2013


i’ve started this post several times, but stopped, not knowing what direction to take it.  i know ‘tis the season to be grateful, but the fact is, things have become pretty challenging over here.  

my studio is torn apart.  what we thought was just a little mold on the baseboards turned out to be a completely rotten floor…. wet and riddled with subterranean termites.  this after just 3 years… everything is out, thrown in bins and stacked in my bedroom, the furniture in the living room, with a few supplies set up  so i can prepare lessons for my art journaling students.  just yesterday i found out it’s even worse than we thought.  the walls may have to come down too.  the guy that did the work is busy and not available right now....

 stu is in the hospital recovering from double knee replacement surgery.  he made the decision to do them both at once, an opening came up and he jumped on it.  no time to attend the information class.  what we thought would be about 3 days in the hospital is turning into more like 13.  he gets dizzy when he stands, can’t do the therapy and is dealing with the pain.  there are many frustrations associated with hospital life and we are both finding out as we go.  he just called me with a new list of problems…. it’s tough to see those that we love uncomfortable, struggling and in pain. 

apparently the hospital lost his 2 cell phones.  there when i left, they disappeared, possibly fell in with the dirty laundry.  contacts, info, etc. all gone.  not sure what is going to happen with this....

bailey is not used to being without her daddy.  nervous and confused, she clings to me and is not a happy camper being left home or in the car, so i feel torn.  yesterday was cold, blustery and rainy and it was difficult to even take her for a walk.

there’s more, but i’m thinking this is enough for one post.

 seriously, i do not like complaining and that is not my intention, but i’m committed to being honest and i'm feeling a little like i’ve lost my studio, my mate and my regular way of life in one fell swoop.  everything has changed.  it's hard to do the stuff i normally do.  i know it’s all temporary and i’m extremely grateful for that.  and i’m determined to be grateful for all the other wonderful things in my life as well.  i will get there.  i am making that promise to you and to myself.  thanks for listening.... that's a gift in itself.

pics from a happier time recently in the mountains...


  1. Oh Patty! You are going through a rough time - not at all what you had expected. That in itself is always so difficult, not to mention loosing your creative space as well, I'm so sorry Stu is having such a struggle and so hope healing will come quickly now so at least he will be home which I think is always easier than hospital stays. Think of you both often - sending healing energy and lots of love to all of you. hugs, Donna

  2. Dear Patty,
    I hope things get a little easier for you. I am so sorry about your studio that sucks..I know you something better is waiting for you. I am praying for your husband and I hope he heals quickly. I am wondering after his new knees are healed will he be able to hike more and get around better ? Hospitals can be weird I understand that 100% just be really patient with yourself and because you are a good person things will be great.. So I am grateful that you are such an amazing photographer and that you share for gift with us.


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