Thursday, November 14, 2013


my brain seems to be bouncing around like a tennis ball.  i can’t concentrate and am having trouble getting things done.  it all began last week….. reeling with the disappointment of the retreat falling through, i decided to take myself up to the mountains for a few days, as i occasionally do.  

in the course of finding a place to stay, i ran across this 1928 hunting lodge with 7 bedrooms.  for sale.  clark gable stayed there.  looked like such an amazing place and setting that i could not get it out of my head.

when i got up there, i went to a real estate office.  i got permission to visit the property and walk around.  i pretty much fell in love.  later i was able to see the inside.  rustic, vintage, quaint, yet updated and homey.  perfect.

 i came back one more time and walked the grounds.  the possibilities started trickling into my consciousness and have not yet left.

there would be many, many hoops to jump through. it may be purchased by some rich investor and all fall through.  but i feel that i need to follow through with this energy i am feeling.  my dream would be to live in the lodge, sponsor my own retreats and classes and make it available for others to do the same (um, yes, i realize i said i wasn’t going to do it anymore…)

 in the meantime, while getting all of that set up, the lodge could be used as a vacation rental on weekends to generate some income.  piece of cake, right?  since i first wrote this, even more obstacles have materialized, so it’s not looking all that promising, but a girl can still dream, right?? 


  1. dreams are very important to us hope! and this dream seems like a really good one (love the idea!)!!!

  2. wow! such an amazing house/home. dream on and keep dreaming, a girl's gotta listen to her heart, yes? with challenges, you go where you've never been before, internally & externally, yes? lots of love your way. may you find your way through this. xx

  3. So exciting! The house looks wonderful, I understand that it costs a lot. But as Kathryn says dreams are important - what are our lives without dreams.


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