Thursday, February 25, 2010

Are We Better Off???

i‘ve had the amazing opportunity to visit several different ancient cliff dwellings in the last year and have found myself reflecting back about them lately. it is such an awesome experience to stand in the exact spot where our fellow humans worked, played, struggled laughed and learned over one thousand years ago.

they lacked modern conveniences and technology, but life was what it was and they didn't miss it. they worked hard for survival, had families, friends and ceremonies. they developed skills and communicated with each other and the spirit world (and even left a bit of communication for us!) they lived close to nature. there was challenge, beauty and love in their lives.

i like wondering about life in those days (that were really not that long ago!) and i find myself asking, as life becomes relentlessly more complex and confusing with each passing year, are we really better off and, more importantly,  are we even heading in the right direction???

what do you think???


  1. that is a really tough question Patty. Sometimes I think we are so much better of and then i have those moments where i feel completely and utterly the exact opposite.

    my biggest concern with the generation of children i am raising and surrounded with is that they do not know how to communicate look someone in the eye when they are speaking with them. i stress to them HOW IMPORTANT it is to let that person now only know they are being heard but that they are being SEEN as well. i blame it on computers and cell's a struggle to find the balance with them where this stuff is concerned.

    sorry...went off on a tangent there!!!
    love your this thought pondering question you posed.

    happy thursday friend!


  2. It is a complex question. I have often pondered the same type of thing in the archeological ruins of Europe and indeed here in Mexico. I think this question has something to do with why I have moved to this country. It's about simplicity. Not easier, by any means, but more simplistic. I'd love to have a long discussion with you!

    Photos, .... magic. I would love to see these places!


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