Saturday, February 13, 2010

Accidental Heart

my dear friend chrissy has been having a "heart fest" this month and i haven't participated since i've been gone. i ran across this one though and wanted to post it. i was playing around with my zoom lens and the moon a while back (zooming while the shutter is open!) and look what i got!!

  i swear - no photoshop voodoo - it's the real thing!  it was sitting quietly in my archives and this seems the perfect time to bring it out.

another sweet friend, donna, has nominated my blog for this lovely award:

there is never a dull moment on donna's blog!  she has been living in mexico for, oh, maybe a month or so and has now decided to make it permanent and has purchased a house.  every day there is something new it seems!  check it out - she is an aspiring artist, a fabulous and prolific writer and a sensitive and passionate woman.  thank you, donna!!!

now, of course, i'm supposed to come up with 7 interesting things about myself.  well, even in the best of circumstances i find this a bit challenging because, seriously, i'm not that interesting.  today, however, it seems insurmountable because i seem to have come down with something.  i am so rarely sick and normally when i feel something coming on, i just take airborne and it disappears, never to return.  didn't work this time and i am not myself, either physically or mentally, and didn't sleep well last night, so i will take the easy way out and refer you to the 7 interesting things that i wrote back in november.  sorry - it's the best i can do today (excuse me while i blow my nose!) i will try to feel better tomorrow and post something valentine-y!!


  1. oh my patty. i love this photo. can i buy a print from you??

  2. beautiful photo - amazing!!!

    so sorry to hear you aren't feeling extra good to yourself and surround yourself with all that gives you comfort!!

    sending love and hugs!

  3. The photograph is incredible! A Valentine gift for all of us! Sorry you're sick! Take care, rest and be well.

  4. AWESOME heart.
    i believe your story morning glory.
    hearts are magical that way.
    loves to you.

  5. oh my goodness, i love this. how incredible. the world was reflecting your beautiful heart right back at you :)


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