Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nature Fix!!

those of you who know me know that i need my nature fixes regularly (what the heck – it’s safer than drugs). i got a major fix this past week on our trip to southern nevada!!

you also may know, if you’ve been following our travels, that our trips seem to be perpetually plagued with 2 things – mechanical problems and bad weather. this trip was no exception. the weather thing i’m kind of used to and i find that often it can be a blessing in disguise, photographically speaking (more on that later!)

the mechanical problems i have a harder time with. there are just endless things that can go wrong with motorhomes and, much as i tried to apply the life lessons i am learning – you know, like stay in the moment, look at the big picture and don’t take things so seriously – sadly, i did not handle spending most of the first full day of our trip in the camping world customer waiting room paying the highway robbery rate of $119 per hour to have our battery/electrical problem diagnosed and remedied with the grace i would have liked ( i have no pictures to document this little adventure!)  and, wouldn't you know it, it was the warmest and sunniest day of the week.

if i had known at the time, however, the wonders that were to await me on the rest of the trip, i would have gladly sat there eating the stale popcorn and vending machine candy, and not complained. live and learn! the fact is, from that point onward, things improved rapidly.

i have a lot to share and will take the next week or so to do it.  for today, i’m glad to be home safely and have a lot of catching up to do!! thanks for your sweet comments and for visiting while i was gone!! i hope you enjoy this little sample from red rocks canyon, just a short distance from the lights of vegas.

muffy was a very happy camper - even enjoyed the snow!!


  1. I want to see the Red rocks. I have never seen them in person ... thank you for your photographs. They are breath taking as usual. I wish you could give me lessons! And Muffy, ... I just want to pick him up for a snuggle! Something is different about your 'post comment' section. I have to choose an account and can't get it to work, so I"m posting Anonymous! lol Welcome home! I am looking forward to your next week of posts. Donna

  2. you take such incredible photos. thank you so much for sharing them with us. I cannot wait to see more and to hear your stories.

  3. gorgeous. gorgeous. gorgeous.

    I'm glad you had fun - after the mechanical problems anyway.

    I went to Red Rocks many many years ago. I remember it being hot - and red - and lovely. Also, I think I saw a rattlesnake (not considered quite so lovely).


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