Saturday, February 27, 2010

March Photo Challenge!

so here comes march, the month of lions and lambs, springtime, daylight savings, shamrocks and, oh yes, the color GREEN!  other than the obvious association with grass, leaves and plants, the color green and i are not that close of friends.  it's not exactly my most flattering color to wear and, in looking back in my photo archives, if i eliminate the plant-based greens, it was kind of tough to find green stuff. so.... i thought maybe i would challenge myself this month to get a little greener by finding some interesting green things.  here are a few to get started:

green door

green goo

green moss

green cast (she is not happy about this, green or no green!)

i hope you will join me in looking for some interesting GREEN stuff in your life!!!


  1. I am looking forward to joining you on your green adventure. I love seeing green in my photos, because that means that it is spring or summer time and the air is warm, the sun is shinning, and I am out and about. But even with this white stuff covering everything I am sure I will find some green this months, especially as it all melts. Thanks for the challenge to keep my eyes peeled.

  2. i'm lookin for all things green!

    thank you so much for your heartfelt comment regarding Chelsea. It is so devastating and like my post said "difficult to find the words"...even more difficult for me to comprehend. praying, praying, praying.

    sending love,

  3. Green! Poor Muffy! She looks absolutely 'ticked'! Pop by Flying Solo tomorrow, there is a surprise for you. D


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