Friday, August 6, 2010

Daily Practice

Creating a Life Worth Living

what a concept! it’s one of many detailed in this book 
 that i have latched on to and i’m so glad i did. not long ago, i was lamenting how i tend to get so caught up in chores and so many competing “shoulds” that i often end up sabotaging what should have been my creative time. i feel like everything else needs to be done first. i still struggle with this, but this one simple concept has definitely made an impact!

(writing at lake stanley, idaho)

the daily practice is something that you commit to everyday, preferably at the same time. the key is that you only commit to about a 15-20 minute session. it needs to be one of your creative endeavors, something you really enjoy and look forward to. you do it no matter what, then you are free to do other stuff. well, what happens for me is that the short commitment time hooks me in and, once i get started, i do often spend longer, but not a lot. then i can do whatever, but i feel so much better, knowing this time has been spent. and the time adds up, so you can really make some progress.

here's a quote from page 228, "it may feel irrelevant when you give it time in your hectic life, but the truth is that if you continue to return to your daily process (whatever that may be), your creativity will burst forth in all sorts of unforeseen ways."  i like it!!

i actually have chosen 2 daily practices, although i don’t always do both of them. one is writing. i have a huge interest in the whole concept of creativity and it seems that i am writing a little “curriculum” of sorts for a possible workshop, retreat, or ??. i just started writing and, well…. that’s the direction it took, a little piece at a time.

my other daily practice is photoshop work. i have to tell you, i have a real love/hate relationship with photoshop. to me it is like a vast desert that i wander around in. some areas i’m very familiar and comfortable in. other areas i knew once but have forgotten. and then there are those areas that elude me, that make me feel humble and like i’ll never be a true native. i have resources – books, cd’s, tutorials, etc., but what i totally lack is the discipline required to sit and learn new skills. once i learn them, i like them, but oh… the procrastination! so the short sessions are much more manageable. i’m including a few of my little experiments here.

likely, some of you have aleady discovered the truth in this powerful concept.  if not, you should give it a try!!


  1. Mmmm, I like the idea of daily practice. Thank you for sharing this.

    Stephanie :)
    (via Flying Lessons)

  2. Adore your photoshop work with Venice! I am so so so happy you have given yourself this gift, Patty. It will amaze you what comes from this. The direction it is taking already (workshop, retreat?) is fascinating. Where will you be going next. Hmmmm. How exciting.

  3. And I was wondering whether I should get this book! After reading your post I sure will. The daily practice sounds like something I really need. That certainly would get me back on track. And I understand your feelings about Photoshop - I love to procrastinate as well in this regard. My husband is a Photoshop expert, it is so much easier to ask him and nag at him...
    Love your pictures! The Venice one is so beautiful.

  4. I am getting the book. I love your pictures there so beautiful. I hear your words and I love them.

  5. Hi Miss Patty,

    I haven't visited for a bit, and so very glad to have popped over this a.m.! Your site is always So Interesting.

    Hmm..I'm going to definitely check out the book you mentioned. I've made several attempts at journaling. Once came across some old writings while cleaning, and some of my entries blew my mind. Amazing what our minds choose to forget with time, but when it's there to rediscover in print, kind of takes your breath momentarily.

    Again, your photos are always so wonderful. Love seeing everything you capture so beautifully. Oh..and I've tried playing around with Photoshop once or twice. :( Regret to say this girl has no patience for it.

    Okay..just wanted to pop by and say hello and ended up writing a novel. That's what I get for procrastinating between visits. LOL :)) Take care sweet friend!

    Hugs of Georgia Sunshine,

  6. Hi Patty...what a great daily practice is similar to what is in the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle...I find my now wherever I am and in any moment I can...It is my dream to take the 15 or twenty minutes each day a whole...but for me now..that does not seem to ever fit in....I catch moments , many times a day to rejuvenate and be still...the concept is empowering....I alsi love photoshop..actually I use Corel Paint shop takes months to fully integrate into my work...I love what youve done with the imgages above...! Have a great and peaceful evening..!

  7. I'm a big believer in 'Daily Practice'. In fact - that's the name of my blog site. Nice to find others who share in it.
    'Daily Practice - an exercise in mindfulness'

  8. Hi Patty! I've missed visiting your lovely space here and have just been enjoying a catch up! Thank you for all your kind words of support over my way, so very appreciated! the concept of daily practice is something I've always struggled with and having just done such a huge burst of work in a short space of time I'm really focusing now on finding more balance and working in smaller bursts, each and every day... so how timely is this post! So made me smile. Thank you! and your photos are truly beautiful :)

  9. i haven't yet clicked on your link to see what book you're referring to- just wanted to first leave you a comment and say how much i relate to your post! daily practice works so well when i just do it. and just finding 15-20 minutes a day sounds so doable, doesn't it? but i too procrastinate like nobody's business! lately, i've been very good about it tho and i feel so much better. i hope i keep it up. ok, now i'm going to go see the link...

  10. I {heart} photoshop too! I could play with it for hours and never get tired of experimenting with different effects & filters. Fun,fun,fun!


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