Monday, August 2, 2010

My Mission

is this heaven or earth?

the distinction is blurred

and the words are useless anyway…

bliss, pure peace, sublime,

the words are pale,

too limiting, too finite

like trying to hold a gurgling brook

in a makeshift cardboard box

so should i give up then?

stop trying to convey

what i’ve been witness to this day?

the answer is clear

before the question is even asked

if i don’t at least attempt

to bring a small morsel to you,

tarnished though it may be

and wrapped in a crude childlike fashion

i will have fallen short

in what i came here to do

my mission unfulfilled.

hence, the photos...

though they too fall short,

they can stretch the meaning of the words

at least a teeny bit closer

to the wonder of a moment

that today has graced my soul.


  1. Tremendously moving post, Patty. I'm learning slowly. The Universe gives us 'gifts' ... 'talents'. It is out gift to the Universe to give them back to the world. You are doing such a wonderful job in that department.

  2. Wow ! Patty , your words and pictures are just perfectly breath taking .They made me feel calm and so special. Great job sweet friend..

  3. Beautiful pictures & touching words.

  4. this is sooooo touching and beautiful.

    your images and your words dance across this post effortlessly!!

    big love and hugs to you

  5. I love this! It makes me want to grab my camera and head outside for something beautiful. Too bad it's past my bedtime and I'll have to save it for another day.

  6. wow that is really something special

  7. your images are clear and deep.xlynda

  8. Dear Patty-wow, that is a super long time for you to be married!! Congrats! I was just telling a friend that a marriage is like an actual person; it takes on its' own identity and grows and changes with us. Well hopefully it does:)
    I love these nature pics-were are they from? The mountains are just a heavenly place to be-so close to sky and earth. I alos love your summer images-I hope you sell your painting. Letting go is difficult...

  9. You are definitely not ignoring your mission! Very moving.

  10. ah- beautiful- where the heck is this?

  11. Thanks, everyone, for your sweet comments! All of these were taken at Little Redfish Lake in central Idaho. There had been an afternoon storm and the light was just starting to peak through the clouds - one of my absolute favorite photographic situations!!


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