Sunday, August 22, 2010

Unsung Creatures

last week i headed out to the wild animal park. it’s something i would normally not do this time of year, but with the record-setting cool temperatures we have been having all summer, it was fabulous.

i don’t necessarily go for the reasons you might think. oh sure, i love lions and tigers and giraffes and gorillas as much as anyone and i have the photos to prove it! but what i really love is the hiking trails to the outer limits of the park and the opportunity to find a whole array of “unsung creatures”.

 i get there early and head for the outer edges. when i get deep into the park, literally no one is there (yet!) and it’s like being alone in the jungle or maybe on an African safari. it’s kind of meditative, really. i just walk with my camera (and sometimes with music) and wait to see what i discover.

after hiking and photographing for a while, i stop at a very special place at the top of the park. it’s a shaded picnic table set in the native plant garden that has a view of the park and the surrounding countryside. i take out my thermos of coffee, a snack and my notebook.  i review the morning’s photos and write down whatever comes to me. 

this time i had a special bonus! as i was finishing my coffee, a park worker came up and started talking to me. on her arm was perched a tawny frog-mouth (no, it’s not an owl!) . she happened to be a veritable fountain of knowledge about that particular creature and spent a good twenty minutes sharing all of the details with me. how special was that??


  1. what an absolutely fabulous date you went on with you!!!
    I LOVE IT!!!

    these photos are awesome and the wonderful surprise at the end is the best!! it is those unexpected moments that create memories, isn't it??!!

    love to you

  2. Took my breath away. Your photo of the cat ... wow! I can hear her purring. Such a treat for you at the end of your time -- we never know what's just around the corner, do we.

  3. wow! Were you like *in* with these animals? I would have been a little scared but in awe all at the same time.

  4. Your photos are so amazing!!! I love all of these! Whenever I go to an animal park, the pictures turn out plain boring. This is beautiful!


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