Monday, November 1, 2010

Celebrating the Year!!

yup - it's been a whole year since i tentatively dipped my toe into the blogging pond and things have never been the same!  as you can see, i'm celebrating with a new look and also an old look - a look back at some of the year's photos.

blogging has changed my life in many ways,.  first, it has it become a consistent outlet for creative expression.  i don't share everything, but as i go about my days, i find myself thinking about what might be something worth sharing.  it's totally up to me to decide and i love having that control.  no pressure.   i have never found myself with a lack of material, which was probably my greatest fear. 
 life happens and there always seems to be something to say!



it has also become such a fabulous means of connecting.  when i have something to celebrate, you guys are right there cheering me on.  and when i am struggling, you are there too to boost me up.   i never dreamed when i started out that i would have so many new, wonderful and supportive friends.  
 i hope i can do the same for you!


last, but not least, blogging has been such an amazing source of inspiration.  visiting other blogs and seeing all that everyone is up to and talking about is a constant source of amazement to me.  at first i was a little overwhelmed with it all.  ok, a lot overwhelmed.  i got into comparing myself and that is not a productive road to go down.  it still haunts me now and again, but i am doing better.

so, i hope you enjoy some of these little pieces from my archives.
i enjoyed going back and reading my first and second posts and some of the others.
i love that so many little snippets of my life are documented here
and i'm seriously SO grateful to those of you who stop by,
even if you are only "lurking" and not commenting.



  1. Let me be the first to congratulate you on a whole year of faithful posting on your blog--so much better than my erratic history of posting. I have appreciated your vulnerability, insights, and, of course, your gorgeous photos. Here's to another fulfilling year!

  2. And I am glad you are here, and that I have met you this way. Thanks for the year in review!

  3. Congratulations!! A truly wonderful journey..isn't it??

  4. Congratulations on a year! I am so pleased that I have met you here and I get to see your amazing talent!

  5. thank YOU. i always enjoy my visits to your blog! :)

  6. Congrats Patty! Such a gift you are to all of us. I'm so grateful to have met you in this way. You truly inspire me. Here's to a year ... and one more ... xx

  7. Dear Patty-a whole year!! that is truly amazing...a HUGE congrats. You have been such a source of inspiration, support and loving kindness...a bright shining light dear Patty. I am SO glad that we met here in blogland! xxx

  8. oh happy one year beautiful soul.
    i LOVE love LOVE your gives me chills.

  9. Happy anniversary! And to think that I can say I knew you when!


  10. Thank you all soooo much - I wouldn't be here without you!!!

  11. Patty, I'm finally catching up - and oh, I love your new look (well, the blog's look)! Congrats on a whole year - wow! I still love that birdbath picture! And I'm glad that I've "met" you and always enjoy my visits here.


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