Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Taos in Color

when i close my eyes and think about taos
my brain becomes awash with COLOR
vivid and vibrant color,
intense color...

in the architecture
in the stores
on the streets
and especially in the ever-present ART

not to mention the skies
and the amazing high-desert LIGHT
to me…. it’s nourishment!

truly an amazing place!!!


  1. i've never been to Taos...looks so awesome with all that color!!

  2. Ahhhhh! I have to go there someday. You have just convinced me even more.

    Love the color.

  3. Taos through your stunning eyes...thank you1 oh how i miss you miss patty. love

  4. OMG Patty-I just love love love these pics!!!! Why didn't I sneak into your suitcase???? I love the way you captured the essence of the place...the light and angles and...oh! those dishes!!! I would have snatched up quite a few of those pretty pottery pieces for sure!!! Isn't it amazing how the desert really amplifies all those stunning colors?
    Oh! hope you had some luck with the button/badge. I can never figure out how to make one! I will shoot you an e-mail later on tonight...Tar is just about to get up from her afternoon nap. love these pics Patty! xxx Soraya

  5. P.S. my dream home would be an adobe for sure...overlooking the mountains. With a fireplace and lots of art!!

  6. Just made me homesick for New Mexico ... pretty close here though. Fabulous Blog today, Patty ... words and images. Such a great combination in which to express. xxDonna

  7. Fabulous photos, Patty,, absolutely delicious. You made me feel homesick for New Mexico.


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