Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Doubts (and affirmations)

the doubts crept in
silently dragging their dark blanket of gloom
spreading it there
hiding the dim lights
squelching the fragile illumination of hope…

 but she fought back
scrawled some tentative words across the page

“i am strong”
“i am blessed”
“i am grateful”
“i am compassionate”

 emboldened by these few,
more words bubbled up and began to flow

“i am creative”
“i have a light that shines within”
“it burns brightly”
“others can see this light”
“i keep trying”
“i don’t give up”

and so it is.


  1. gorgeous photos...makes me wanna be on the beach right now!!!

  2. Beautiful, Patty. And so it is! xxDonna

  3. Sweet Patty..These Photographs Are Truly Sensational! While Looking At Each One I Was Simply Mesmerized. Not Blowin' Smoke Dear Friend..Those Clouds And Stacks Of Foamy Water Grabbed Me Immediately. I Couldn't Help But Think That If Our Beautiful Earth Offers Glory Such As This..What Kind Of Magnificent Scenes Will We See In Heaven? God Sure Knows How To Deliver Doesn't He? Thank You For Sharing Such Beauty With Us. xoxo Terri

  4. Awesome photos, and words that truly match the sense of the series!

  5. Love how you ended this piece with a rainbow of hope and affirmation! I can so relate to the doubts...the questions. Thank-you!

  6. Absolutely fabulous post! I needed this reminder right now. I love your photography too - amazing!

  7. ah, that rainbow at the end is great-

    it's hard to practice affirmations when feeling doubtful but i hear it's powerful!

  8. The sea has always meant much to me and your photos are amazing. I learn so much all the time when I read different bloggers and you gave me the world "affirmations".

    Yes, you are really shining and creative!

  9. Your ocean pictures are just stunning and the words are so powerful.

  10. I almost hate to say that the doubts are beautiful! But the photos (all of them) make me breathless.


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