Monday, October 3, 2011

Family Ties

i don’t write a lot about my family.  it’s not that they’re not great…. it’s just that we live far away from each other and don’t have the opportunity to get together much.  when we do, it’s a sweet time, though, and it was really the main reason for my trip to michigan.

there was some awesome girl get-away time….

time with my amazing brother….

time with my nephews and their little ones….

i’m fully aware of what a blessing it is to have a family in which, not only is everyone pretty healthy, we all actually GET ALONG (and like each other!)… what a gift -  i love you guys!

as a bonus, i had a rare opportunity to spend some time on the water with some high school buddies.  great times, great memories…. i’m a lucky girl!!


  1. what a great post, i'm so happy for you to have had a great family visit,, wonderful photos!

  2. Nothing like some quality family time to help us appreciate the fact we have a good life. So happy you had fun and frolic. Love the photographs. xxDonna

  3. that looks like a great time!

    hey, your site looks so great. as do all of those photos on this post! i haven't been visiting blogs much lately this past few months and it looks different. anyway, so glad to visit you again and see what you've been up to!

  4. It must have been a wonderful trip and I really like your photos with relatives and friends.

  5. It is wonderful to have family where everybody gets along with each other and you all like each other. Not like our family, unfortunately, and they're on a different continent which doesn't make things easier (although sometimes it actually does!).

  6. Looks/sounds like it was a great time!! Lucky you to be able to all gather like this!!

  7. Dear Patty-I am so glad you had such a wonderful time. Your pics are awesome (as always) and really convey the ties you have with your family. You get along with them all? Yes! That is really amazing and wonderful:) xxx


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