Sunday, November 20, 2011

Beach Volleyball

i know, a little out of character… no one is going to mistake me for a huge sports fan.  and though i will readily admit that sports are not really my thing, it may surprise you to learn that i married a jock.  football in high school, basketball in college, running (before the knees went south), tennis every friday (still).  but the biggest lifetime passion of all?  beach volleyball.  in fact, the sole reason stu moved to san diego from northen ca in his 20’s was to play the game.

 much more than just a game, it was a life-style.  all other facets of life were put on hold so that the game could be played.  every day.  all day.  this was going on when we first met and, needless to say, it did not go over very well with my parents!  there were times when he was living in his car.  why?  so that he could spend every waking moment on the courts.  eventually compromises had to be made…. but the game persisted.

 along with the life-style was a culture and a “tribe” of guys.  they were competitive, but they were also a tight unit.  and that tightness has stood the test of time.  in fact in recent years there have been more and more “reunion” events, with every detail of some of the particularly impressive games and tournaments endlessly rehashed over cold beers and snacks or dinner.

 friday night we attended an amazing event.  the cbva beach volleyball hall of fame induction ceremony and party.  most of the greatest “legends” of the game were there, many of them now in their 60’s and 70’s.  their passion for the game was still obvious as they spoke about the “old days” and poured congratulatory kudos on each other’s prowess.

many of these guys turned their love of the game into careers.  in stu’s case, he discovered relatively late in life that he has a passion for teaching  beach volleyball to young people and has set up his own coaching program.  so while sports are not necessarily my thing…. i do get it – passion is passion – i respect and support it and i’m actually a little envious of this life-time connection.  it’s a powerful thing!

A little press never hurts!


  1. What fun!! Volleyball is such a fun game and sport. I never realized there was a hall-of-fame so-to-speak.

  2. Hi Patti, I have attempted on numerous accasions to post a comment about your gorgeous photos and the stories about each theme. However, blogger would not allow me to post regardless of how many times I signed out and signed back in.

    Thus, the only way that seems to work is if I leave an anonymous comment. KEEP UP YOUR BEAUTIFUL BLOG. Your photographs are some of the most stunning I've viewed and the descriptions are often educational and describe the areas of your travel so well.

    Eagle, ID

  3. Just love this post, Patty. Looks like the 'guys' picked up some beautiful women to marry as well. Typical .. he he. Nice Stu still has his passion for the game and is passing it on to young people. Doesn't get any better than that. Love the photographs. hugs, Donna

  4. Dear Patty-Oh!! I had no idae Stu was so passionate about sports (volleyball in particular). I know you had told me he was a jock...but I think that's just amazing. And the way he mentors young kids...LOVE!!!
    Oh!! So glad you are loving art journaling. I told you it was the very best way!!
    Sorry I have been so out of the loop lately Patty. we will catch up soon...all sick with the flu + packing + house hunting...etc. I hope you are doing well...will talk soon, okay?? xxx

  5. Hi Patty,
    Stu has been one of the great friends that I had while growing up in OB watching and playing beach volleyball. Thanks for sharing great photos of Stu the great photos of the Hall of Famer's event.

    Say hi to Stu!

    Rick Stepanof

  6. It's always wonderful with people who have their passions. (I don't have it myself, I just have a lot of different interests, but thats's me!) Volleyball is a wonderful sport even if you only do it with friends for fun, especially on the beach.

  7. That's awesome, Patty! I love watching beach volleyball. How fun that they've all kept in touch and their love for the sport continues even today!

  8. oh how neat! talk about going down memory lane! :)

  9. Wow, your words, pics and understanding of Stu and our passion is very touching and I feel your love in this acknowledgement. Yes, we VBers from a time ago were very fortunate to have found very special women in our lives to share our passion too. Tom Hoyer referred to "our women" as babes which is an ultimate compliment using the terms of the 70s which highlighted the most sought after "chicks" : What we all did not know in our quests for a soul mate and volleyball acclaim is that these women were more beautiful on the inside than their stunning outward beauty and as time diminishes the exterior we will be able to have the wonderful beauty of the inside no matter! Thank you Patty for touching my heart with your craft. Stu has always been a guys guy and someone who knows how to hang with guys in a congenial way that makes him well liked. I admire that in him not to mention his accomplishments in the volleyball world both on the court and off. Giving back seems to be a way of life for most of us. Take care and remember, "Bump, set, spike" Just some of the guys that have showed up in the last two reunions I was able to attend: Dennis Hare, Fred Zuelich, George Stepanof, Jim Schanback(aka Sham), Greg Carlson(aka Tree), Fred "Fob" Featherstone, Dan Brady, Tom "Hoyay" Hoyer, and Mike Hipp. Looking forward to more in the future and reconnects with others. Tom Hoyer is still actively playing even after having had a hip surgery @ 63 yrs. We span over 60yrs of play with George playing his first tourney in 1952 and Tom Hoyer playing at Ocean Beach to this day! We have become artists, teachers, realtors, salesmen, intramural director, fireman, and .... Volleyball has created a very special web of life for all of us. Go figure.


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