Friday, November 18, 2011


how dull life would be without you!
i’m so happy when
 i’m aware enough
to know that i am in your presence
i know at that moment
that i am awake
and not just letting time
slip through my fingers
like excess rain
dripping from the leaves

you are truly the gift that keeps on giving
you touch me on sight
then burrow in
and settle deep down
residing in a place
where i can revisit
wake you up
and call you back to life
when i need a small sip
of your loveliness

 (photos taken 8/11 at big lagoon, northern ca)


  1. beautiful photos , beautiful words,

  2. i just stared at your photos for a long time Patty..they are sooo beautiful...they have such a feeling of peacefulness! I could see these as large wrapped canvases in a meditation room with candles!!!

  3. So peaceful. I just love them, they are like poetry.

  4. The colouring and light you captured in these photos is wonderful. Words to match. xxDonna

  5. Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful!


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