Monday, November 14, 2011

Chain Reaction


here's what i was thinking about yesterday...
i would not have met some of these amazing women (or gotten to know the others of them better) if i had not had the retreats….

i would not have had the retreats if i had not started a blog….

i would not have started a blog if i had not attended the unearth bepresent retreat in oregon 2 years ago…

i would not have attended the unearth bepresent retreat in oregon if i had not read kelly rae roberts’ blog….

i would not have read kelly rae roberts’ blog if i had not read kelly rae robert’s book….

i would not have read kelly rae robert’s book if amazon had not recommended it to me….

so….. i guess i owe a huge debt of gratitude to amazon.  isn’t life strange??

sure, i might have done some of these things anyway, but likely not in this order or in this way.  i think it’s so fun to trace something back through all of the little channels and see how events have transpired in your life.  it can be very eye-opening to say the least!!

oh, and it’s not over yet.  there are still some things brewing…. i will have to revisit this list in the future and it’s going to get longer!!

Think about it!!!


  1. i agree whole heartedly....soooooo happy to call you friend.

  2. I am glad to be part of your "chain of art"! The gallery exhibit was lovely on Saturday, and it was good to see you! hmmm....what will the "art therapy" we saw lead to?

  3. i love this .... love how it all is inter-connected ... just like all of us!!!!

    love you sweet Patty!


  4. Dear Patty-it's just so fascinating to see how all these tiny events add up to big huge ones doesn't it??? It gives us pause...and courage. I am so glad that you had another amazing retreat experience (looks so fun!!) sorry I missed Sat. with the girls + art + fun!! Will send you an e-mail first chance I get...hopefully sometime today:) xxx

  5. Dear Patty,
    I consider you a life time friend..You know we may not talk but we are connected in a beautiful way. I see the way you love and its sweet. I like you and I know I will see you soon. I am so grateful I attended your retreat because I am feeling so much happier and full of hope..

  6. Love it! You have just proved 'one thing leads to another'. What a lovely path you are creating. xxDonna

  7. I'm sooooo glad that you started this blog and that I found it.

  8. and i would not have met you, if i hadn't said yes to unearth. how i love my unearth girls. it truly is a gift.

  9. and I would not have met you had I not been at that retreat 2 years ago. I wouldn't change that experience for anything!

  10. I agree whole-heartedly! I'm so glad you were on Amazon and saw the recommendation. (Who would've thought I would be grateful to Amazon! ;)

  11. Isn't it funny!? So neat to trace things back...for sure... I did that not too long ago too. And it came back to Kelly Rae, just like you. Although it was a friend from high school that recommended that I look into Kelly Rae's blog because she thought that we might have similar stories...the longings, the whispers... and then of course her blog led me to you...and Unearth. I had never read a blog before - and now I have my crazy.


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