Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Have You Found Yourself? (creatively?)

i do know some artists who could answer this question in the affirmative.  they have found their unique creative passion and are moving forward on it every day (or so it seems!)  but for many of us, it can be more of a struggle.  

 i know so many creative folks who feel like they have not quite found their “niche”.  or maybe their style.  they love creating, but they are seeking a form of expression that is distinctively THEIRS.  they are patiently (or not) waiting for that day when they will know exactly what that is.  

 i am one who would fall into that category for sure.  i am trying new things and combinations of things, all the while thinking that something is going to “click” one day very soon and it will all be crystal clear.  my future rolled out before me in a smooth, arrow-straight path steeped in creative bliss, beckoning me to hop on and take the first step.

but maybe that’s not ever going to happen….  i’m starting to get that.  here’s the thing.  i do not want to be living my life in a “waiting” mode.  i want my focus to be right now.  this day.  this moment.  it’s ok to feel as if i am not “there” because that’s just the way life is.  

it keeps unfolding and evolving and sometimes you make false starts and end up going 2 steps forward and 3 steps back.  but i want to be in the flow of it…. soak up each experience and learn to embrace the questions and the uncertainty.  still working on it…

bye-bye november (!?!)

 (all photos taken as part of one of my latest creative endeavors, the iphone!)


  1. beautiful iphone photos, amazing quality nowisn't it.
    I did some stops and starts in my creative journey, I think its a process for sure.I tried for a while to change up what I was doing or how i was doing things but my style is so much a part of me it comes through in everything i do.I no longer force it or try to change it.My time is limited in my art as my vision will one day be gone completely so for me I'm just enjoying the ride this journey is taking me on.
    I do what Ido, my way, I guess you could say I found my niche in the nick of time!

  2. You are an artist. I have assumed photography was your take such spectacular photos. I'm not sure what more you're looking for, and I'm not saying you can't look for more or shouldn't look for more, but if you're wondering where your talent lies, it's in your eye for capturing beauty through a lens. I always gasp when I see your photos because of the beauty you show me. I wish I could take photos like you do. If you need a different creative outlet then I hope you find it soon, but I know you as a photographer. ♥

  3. love the snail photo!! It's fun experimenting with photography, isn't it?!!

    I'm with art is constantly definitely can get frustrating and accepting that this is the way i am is not always easy but definitely not boring!! It just makes it hard to try and make a living from it when there is no set style in place!!

    I guess it all comes down to what you're wanting from your art...just to express yourself, making a living from it, expanding your creativity...etc.

  4. Patty, don't you think your niche is your gorgeous photgraphy?! jane

  5. I am starting to have a inner knowing that most artists are 'seekers', and with that goes the constant search for 'more' .. just in case we are missing something. Even the most accomplished artists who seem to have found their niche and are focused outwardly on one genre usually have another interest or two in the background. Tony Bennett is a painter, so is Paul McCartney, Kaffe Fassett doesn't know what to do next - he's good at everything he touches. Elton John - have you seen his decorating books? Well, you get where I've drifted to. Never stop the search ... we never know what we might stumble upon. For instance -- your iphone photographs took my breath away ... what if you hadn't explored that genre? :o) xxDonna

  6. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments!! It is true that photography is my first love. There has been a huge increase in the number of good photographers in recent years, however, and I feel the need to find something a little more unique. I'm always looking for new ways to present my images and particularly love combining words and images, so always trying new ways of doing that. It is truly an amazing journey and I'm pretty sure I will not run out of new things to try any time soon!

  7. agree with the comments above. i love your photos and i come here to soak in the beauty, especially photos of mother nature. love!

    artists have a reservoir of talents. some artist find it comfortable to focus on one (niche) while others enjoy expressing in multiple outlets of creativity. i like to play and dabble in everything. just for the fun of it.

    looking forward to see your uniqueness. go patty! :)

  8. I admire everything you do when i both comes to photos and your other expressive creativity but I understand the feeling you have. It's a big challenge to be safe in one kind of expression and develop that to be something unique.

  9. Patty, what you describe her is the journey, and that is the exciting thing that is happening in your life right NOW. It's where you are with all your heart and soul. And it expresses itself beautifully in your photography, where you so artfully find the right images for your words.

    You seem to be drawn to persimmons at the moment - aren't their colors just amazing right now? I have a persimmons tree in my yard, and while I don't like the fruit (I leave it for the birds who love it) I dwell in the beauty of their leaves' color.

  10. Dear Patty...I think the soul/spirit is the important thing. If a person loves what they do and pours their heart into shows. The creative journey never stops...who knows where it may lead us? think the thing is to accept where we are right now and then be open to what comes next.
    P.S. I think I may be able to come to your party on the 18th. Either way...we have to see each other before I leave. xxx

  11. I think you have found your creativity. It's in the process...and you are definitely doing that! A beautiful...honest post!

  12. oh I loved this post. totally related to it. I think we are alike in so many ways. i too, want to find my niche and "figure it out." I look at others who seem to have found their way, their style, and it seems like it's been such a quick turnaround for them...but who knows, maybe they still feel like they're exploring and haven't quite found "it" yet either. And maybe they just don't care - maybe they're just content and happy to do whatever it is they're doing right now...and when that changes, they will move on. Who knows. I love photography as well...but, like you, there is something else out there that I need to be doing. combining it with art somehow. if you figure out how to figure it out...or how to be content with the here and now...let me know! :)


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