Wednesday, November 23, 2011


“take a chance and openly give thanks, 
even if you’re not sure what for, 
and feel the plentitude of all that is living 
brush up against your heart”
(mark nepo, from the book of awakening)
(what a book!)

thinking and writing about what i’m grateful for is not something i save for thanksgiving.  i mean, sure, it’s nice to have a special day for it and all, but if gratefulness is not something that is incorporated into your life on a daily basis, well… then you are seriously missing the boat!  because (in my opinion) it’s what makes the difference between just existing day to day and truly living a meaningful life, no matter what your circumstances.  (i don’t mean to imply that it’s easy…..) 

 i do however want to highlight something in particular today that i am grateful for and that is diversity.  because you see, spending days on end in the kitchen, all in honor of one meal, is not my idea of fun.  sure, i can cook when i need to and i do enjoy baking now and again, but i have accepted that this is not my creative passion....  

happily, i have other passions, but i am particularly grateful today to those who actually enjoy putting a feast together and sharing it with others.  i mean, it’s especially enjoyable  to visit someone’s home for a meal when you know that they get joy out of preparing it.  what a gift - definitely a win-win!

and why stop there?  i’m always soooo grateful whenever i visit a doctor’s office to know that there are those who, unlike me, do not become weak and light-headed at the slightest sight of blood.  and that they actually enjoy (or don’t mind!) tending to my medical needs.  another gift.

by the same token, when i was teaching special needs students, i regularly had people say to me, “i don’t know how you do it.  it takes a special person….. etc. etc.” and i would always mentally poo-poo that idea, but the fact is, they were probably right – if by “special person” you mean “one that happens to have my unique gifts and talents”.  it just happened to be something i enjoyed doing and was good at.  but it's not for everyone.

so, think today about all the people in your life and what they contribute to it.  and wouldn’t life be boring if we were all the same??  there is such a wealth of diversity out there and i am definitely GRATEFUL!!

(all photos taken last thanksgiving.... 
because i have a wonderful friend who likes to cook, 
i can go out and take pictures.... 
i'm so grateful for you, mary!!)


  1. wow, such an amazing group of photos, and that meal,, yum,, wonderful friends, happy times ,

  2. Yes, your photos are a pleasure to enjoy and even if we don't celebrate thanksgiving I have been inspired of posts like yours and thinking much about what I'm grateful for - not only for one day, as you write, for many days...

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Patty. Beautiful post. xxDonna

  4. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts and photos, Patty. I am always inspired. We certainly have a lot to be thankful for.

  5. Such a wonderful 'meditation' on gratitude. Like you - I'm not one who loves cooking. It's nice to know there are others out there too!


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