Thursday, February 23, 2012

Can Things Get Any Better??

Scanned image of sunrise over Haleakala - 1986

my life feels pretty exciting right about now and i’m a little afraid to talk about it for fear i could burst the bubble or something.  but anyway, here goes…..

next week we are going to the big island.  it’s going to be amazing.  i just know it.  the photo above was taken on maui, the last time we were there.  it's been way too long!

we are working with the san diego spaniel rescue group and, while i can’t reveal too much at this time…. let’s just say it looks very promising! (my heart gets all pitter-patter when i think about this!)  stay tuned.

New doggy fence.... getting ready!

 our new deck is finally finished and while replacing it (due to termites) is not something we planned on doing and (of course!) it cost way more and took longer than we planned… we are so happy with the end result.  thinking maybe a little deck-warming party might be in order!!

 i just got my postcards for the april retreat and i love them.  honestly, i’m not quite sure this retreat is even going to happen… i hope it does, but if not, that’s ok too.

 i also received my first journal prototypes for the “insideout” project, published on blurb. they are a combination of plain and lined pages with images and quotes interspersed.  i made a little deck of prompts to go with them to get things started and there is a short intro at the beginning explaining about the journals and what i hope them to accomplish.

Front and back of "Inside-out" journal

Interior page
Interior page

Journal prompts

and if that’s not enough…. i am working on a super exciting project related to the inside out journals that i can’t reveal just yet.  can’t wait to tell you more of the details…. but it will have to wait…..

now i have to say it felt a little uncomfortable writing this post.  for some reason it feels easier to share when things aren’t going well than when they are.  why is that?  or is it just me?  i think it makes me feel like you might think i’m saying:  “look at me – my life is so wonderful” or something like that.  or that you can relate to me better if i'm having problems.   if you’ve been around a while, you know i’ve shared plenty of things on the “other side of the fence” too.  hmmm – any thoughts??  is it just me??

Hiking Haleakala with a friend, 1986.  Check out the curly hair, huge shades and short shorts!


  1. I love to hear when people are satisfied and proud of things/situations in their lives. We all know that there are problems sometimes but we also have to tell the world when we're pleased. I'm happy with you!

  2. i think it's fabulous to share the good fact i've left plenty of blogs i liked when all they do is complain about life. i wanna hear the good stuff because it's very uplifting...who doesn't need uplifting?!!!

  3. I think its wonderful to share your happy stuff, never feel that way, we are your blogging buddies, through thick and thin,, embrace this happy time!

  4. Share...share away...good or bad! Isn't that what life is really all about ups and downs. The people that really care about you are there for you no matter what! I'm thrilled to hear there are so many great things going on in your life...enjoy them all! Hugs

  5. Savor the happy times, Patty....Have a wonderful trip...Aloha! jane

  6. I don't think it's just you. Perhaps we don't trust when life seems to be good, we are afraid that the moment we tell about the good things something bad will happen. Hm, I can't exactly say what I mean but I think you can get the picture.
    Pretty exciting things going on in your life right now, and I hope and wish that it will be getting on like that. Have a wonderful time on the Big Island - I'm sure you will show us beautiful pictures!
    And do I see a new dog on the horizon???

  7. LOVE the happy stuff - - we all deserve to have happy in our lives, and somehow lately the world seems to be topsie tervie with all the 'crap'. Personally want to here all your happy whenever its possible .. lifts me up too. You have so much to look forward to these days and how incredible is that. Enjoy the happy ... I'm happy for you. hugs, Donna

  8. you are moving moving moving! i love it!

  9. Patty, I wrote you a long post yesterday and it just disappeared. What I wanted to say is when you're happy, your blogger friends are happy. When you are down and need support, your blogger friends are there for you. I am thrilled that life is treating you well. By the way I love your new deck. What a wonderful place to sit, read a book, meditate or enjoy a glass of wine with friends.

    Have fun in Hawaii and share all of the new photos with us.


  10. It is definitely not just you! I worry often that if my life is good, people won't like me. I recognize it's not the true part of me, just unconscious beliefs that I've picked up and haven't discarded yet, but they are still there. I realized a while ago that that's why I don't mind that Atlas was so sickly, because then something was always going wrong so people wouldn't stop loving me. It always sounds so irrational when I write it out, but there it is.

    I am so happy that you have so much wonderfulness in your life. Have a wonderful time in Hawaii! And Eeeeeek! Fingers crossed for the four-legged part!

    p.s. It was so fun to see that photo of you! Waves happily at 1986 Patty!

  11. yay! inside out project looking good! love the journals!
    that deck looks inviting! and hmm... wonder what's up with the fences, can't wait for update on that one! :)

    hope you're having fun in hawaii!


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