Saturday, February 4, 2012


i’m so grateful
 to have started down this creative path
with all its twists and turns
bumps and ruts
forks and dark shadowy turn-arounds

it’s a journey that moves forward on faith
that no one can anticipate beforehand
some steps are liquid, flowing,
others wander or meander on tiptoe
still others cross seemingly treacherous territory
my paralyzed boots anchored in mire

there should be a well-placed sign
at the beginning of this journey:
“do not attempt alone”,
for while some portions
are easily navigated
the swamps require hand-holding
and boosting up
to safely emerge
on the other side

so to you, my hand-holders
and boosters-up
thank you for being there!!!

no, i couldn't do it without you!


 (slowly, but surely i am moving forward on all my projects..... updates soon!!)

 all photos taken 2/1/12 at san onofre state beach


  1. beautiful photos,

  2. Wonderful photos from a place so different from mine right now. Love the colors of the blue sky and red soil.

  3. And I am grateful to have such a wonderful blogging friend!

    Stunning photos, Patty. I love how you capture the little things and make them big, showing how beautiful they are.

  4. And I am glad to have met you in blogland!

    Beautiful photos as always. :)

  5. YAY for you!!!full speed ahead!!!You'll do fabulously!!

    your photos make me miss the beach Patty...may need to go there tomorrow!!

  6. so grateful to have you part of my life. your photos and words ... always an inspiration. xodonna

  7. Isn't it amazing how this 'creative' path is so roundabout?? Yes - grateful. That's the best way to be.


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