Friday, February 17, 2012

Breaking the Rules

we all need toys, don't you think?? (no matter what our age!)

playing with our toys is what gives life its spice and enjoyment!

to me, it's so much fun to break the rules.... like holding the camera steady all the time.  who says you have to do that anyway??

go out and have some fun this weekend.... and break a few rules!!

Oh - new spring retreat details right here!!


  1. I LOVE breaking rules! (that whole theme is part of my art style too...)

  2. when I first looked at this post I thought it was paintings or something like that, its amazing, just beautiful,, now I must tell the truth and say that all the photos i take from our 9th floor apartment of the water out front of us at night look exactly like this and its not on purpose!

  3. These are amazing!! Love the end 'abstract' results. And the only thing I can say about rules is that they're made to be broken!!!


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